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5/28/2006 4:06 pm

I finally got around to cleaning out my son's book bag. He's been out of school for 2 weeks now, I thought it was about time. One of his teachers made a DVD of a collage of pictures from the year. She did an awesome job putting the pictures together with music. Each section reminded me of his various fieldtrips and retreats he attended. I cried through the whole thing. I decided to drag out my VHS tape of my senior year book. Oh the memories!

Remember in science class how you got to incubate chicken eggs and then on the rare occasion you were there when they first hatched? Well they are still doing that in school and my son's teacher allowed each student to take a chick home for the night. After much begging, I told me son Yes. But you see I got the last laugh when he awoke grouchier than normal and said that the chick chirped all night, keeping him up. HEHEHE. I didn't have the heart to say I told you so.

They grow up so fast! It just seems like yesterday he was attached to my hip. Now its all I can do to get a hug in each day. I see more of his backside than his face as he is always out the door going off here and there with his friends.

On a different note....earlier watched a movie I had taped a month earlier...IN THE CUT with Meg Ryan. Very interesting....some parts were very steamy, while still suspensful. This is definately not your average Meg Ryan film. I give it a 7.

If you can't laugh, what's the fucking point!

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