When I Go to You  

rm_Sallypus 52F
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8/26/2005 5:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

When I Go to You

Not a place, not a time predictable
just pause given in a life
where I sip a coffee,
think of your eyes
or that damned wonderful grin,
and feel like touching you.
Not the sex thing,
all burn and sear
but just laying my hands
to frame your features,
smile into your face,
and offer a kiss
no one else thinks you need.
Blame it on that fall flirt
who breezed in on blown leaves
tossed a brazen kiss
to the wider moon,
and whispered in her wake
that you are where I go
no matter what the season
when I need to breathe
more than my own air.

interested13563 53M
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8/29/2005 4:25 pm

Very beautiful. Indeed there are things that only lovers
know of each other. And they can inhale each-other's presence.

rm_Lewiso 62M
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9/4/2005 4:57 am

Exquisite Sallypus just exquisite Thank you

Bigmal20052 66M
2 posts
10/30/2005 6:32 pm

Beautiful things surround Beautiful People. Love Life from Bigmal

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