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rm_Sallypus 52F
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7/19/2005 5:08 pm

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9/23/2012 6:06 am

Thank you

I write in this blog, not so people will read my words...but so I will be heard. There is sense in that sentence somewhere...I think *lol*. It is my way of being seen...of sharing and showing parts of myself.

Words have their way with me...the deeper things speak and the words own me. My heart calls the shots and I just say what I feel...something calls the muse...whispers a line...and off I go. And then the words carry me with the gentle a mother's arms never knew....with the slendour of the wished for.

And so I leave these small glints of my life. Parts of me. I have always loved with open hands and arms and never counted on love in return. I can only be honest in my emotions and feelings. I can only be me. And it is me that you see. My words tell stories of what has happened and what is happening in my life.

It honours me that some that read my words, chose to acknowledge them with comments. To those I wish to say thank you. I read each comment...more than once. Some see me...some do not *s*. It means much that people take the time to write me. My inclination is to reply to each and every comment made. This would not be practical for me *s*. But it is important to me that you know how much I appreciate them. How it gladdens my heart that you tell me you heard my words.

Thank you *s*.

Sally xxx

lookin4fun3174 42M

7/19/2005 6:04 pm

I just happened to stumble across your blog by happenstance...but after I finish typing this post I'm immediately adding it to my "favorites" list!!! You have a way with words that awakens the old poet in me. He's been sleeping for years now, the snoring overcoming my brain with noise, noise, noise...and it was only after reading your posts that I even noticed he was still there at all, nevermind that he had been shutting down the rest of my creativity with his snoring.

So, thanks. Know that I intend to become a faithful reader, and I look forward to many more word snapshots of your life.

rm_FreeLove999 46F
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7/19/2005 6:41 pm

i love that line "words have their way with me", especially as that is exactly how i'm feeling tonight (just checked the clock and its 3.40 in the morning), i better get some sleep before these words completely get the better of me, but thanks for writing, anyway!

[blog freelove999]

justforus1971 45M/45F

7/19/2005 7:20 pm

Hey there Sally we like the way your words just flow. And you should get many comments. Keep writing and we will keep reading.

Justforus1971 hugs and kisses

lovinglonelyman 60M

7/20/2005 8:41 am

I know what you mean that you pour out your heart in what you write. For me I just start writing to a person and start to get to know them then I have a bad day and I just pour out my feeling into a letter not meaning for them to turn them off it just they happen to write after something happen. Don't like saying but when I end up writing the most is when I heart broken or lonely just desiring some one to listen. It like people around me expect me to listen to everything. fromthem when they hurt but they can't listen to me one and so I turn to writing to release some of it. but I just have to learn on who I can share with and who I can't so far haven't had any luck on who I can share my feeling with. It just seem when things are going on it about me but once I can release things that is building up inside then for some reson you never hear me say me or I until things load me down again and it usually takes a while. Wish I could tell you how to reach me where I can email you and share but I don't so I just keep trying to share what I can on here.

rm_unlistedone 65M
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7/24/2005 10:58 pm

Sally, your words are heard... and understood. "Thank you" for sharing with us.

keen2pleaseyou 46M
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7/27/2005 2:31 am

Sally, wow, talk about grab your attention and hold it, great pic choice for each, and great wording and phrase. Please share more with us as this is so different from the usual dribble we read - even from the dribble i put into my blogs... please continue and share these feelings which stir our emotions... wow!

livelovelaugh45 56M
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7/28/2005 12:29 am

Dear Sally, thank you, for sharing your thoughts and dreams. Somebody once said “yesterday’s history.., tomorrow’s a mystery.., today is a gift”. Your writing is so “in the moment” so passionate and sensual; When I read it I feel I am drifting away to other worlds. It has rekindled in me a compulsion to write Haiku (it’s not that good, but I enjoy the process) Articulating “the moment” is something you seem to do so effortlessly, I’m in awe.. Love and Respect

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