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7/14/2005 9:19 pm

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I seem to be talking to a lot of people about love lately. I'm a great believer in love. I think our need for love is as strong as our need for oxygen and food. Our emotional and spiritual bodies need love in order to flourish...without love, those parts of us atrophy.

I also believe we have an infinite well of love inside us. It's like a diamond of unconditional love. You don't have to earn's there no matter what you do or don't do. Am I sounding New Age *lol*? But you've got to love yourself first, before you can love anyone else properly. That's what unconditional love is...accepting and loving ourselves and others now...and not "when". When I lose weight, when I find the right partner...Where there is unconditional love, thre is no making "wrong" or making "right". When we come to know, nourish and love ourselves, we begin to comprehend and experience how beautiful we really are.

Love creates, gives birth, nurtures, protects, sustains, feeds, teaches, heals....all these qualities we perceive as postitive. We have to extend ourselves. Love is a choice. We don't have to love...we choose to love. It's an act of will...both an intention and and action. It is committment and the exercise of wisdom. I may not feel any love towards a person, may even dislike them...but I can still take loving and constructive action towards them.'s so risky loving *vbs*...for love has a shadow side. Love can also be painful, controlling, smothering, critical, conditional...that it limits our freedom and can be so powerful that it can immobilise us with fear. And so many hide from these. They narrow the idea of love...put it into a little box which includes happiness, trust, friendship, joy, intimacy, peace of mind, beauty, prosperity. Then they protect that little box....and try so hard to get more love into that little box. In essence...they shut themselves off from love...reducing their ability to love and to experience love. Both the positive and the shadow sides of love must be embraced.

But again I say you have to love yourself first.. We have to know that we are precious...even when others don't. And then we can begin to share with others without feeding that craving we have to be loved...without expecting anything in return. In other words, we no longer give kind for kind...we are just giving love. I think that people who grow in their own love become beautiful, powerful and peaceful...and attract to themselves love from many sources.

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7/15/2005 1:01 pm


never got past those eyes and wild mane!!!!
So whats in the cup and saucer?...

coffee, tea he hiding out there?


ps - love is a many splendid thing!

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7/15/2005 2:27 pm

You could be a writer if you wanted.... or a therapist!.... This is very helpful... I shall try to practice some of this...... in the future.

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10/30/2005 6:46 pm

So true, Love is lots of complex things and what we make it.Bigmal

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