For a Friend...  

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7/9/2005 8:03 pm

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For a Friend...

Simple minded I can be,
but straight forward in approach,
I reach for your face with both hands
and feel the ripples gone to rage,
every hurt you never healed,
every acid etching
that you have robed with time.

A kiss cannot quench your all,
a touch cannot ease a life of withdrawl
folding yourself into origami
shapes to menace the dark things
that gibber and caper
and seek to eat you before dawn.

I would come to your bed,
not as a carnal being
but one who would blanket you
from the left behinds,
the accusing eyes,
the voices too shrill to truly fade.

I would reach for your deep
with both hands,
and whisper soft things that mean nothing more
than someone was with you at dawn,
warding you from all the petty demons
and trying to shield you
from the hurting you carry
so long, you thought it was your skin.

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