is it long enough? is she Athletic enough ?  

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11/3/2005 5:12 am

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1/3/2008 10:26 am

is it long enough? is she Athletic enough ?

The Rabbit says: Hey Ladies check out my Cock size ^_~ is it long enough?

Here I come again,

AdultFriendFinder been “okay” so far, nothing to complain about other than that are these Profiles for real or not?

I usually enjoy going to the Search section and look at plenty of different profile and I must say it’s a great way to waste some bored ness time “lol”

The last couple days were just “Freaky” looking at these profiles and reading them made me realize that I’m too innocent compared to others in this whole “sex” world.

I guess no matter how high levels of knowledge we reach in our lives we still need more to know!!

I believe that there is still more to know about sex and no one ever can claim that they know everything about it.

Some of the profiles I read were pretty interesting. Lot’s of freaky fantasies however they were all exciting to know about. The only thing I ended up questioning my self after viewing all of these profiles is wondering more if everyone in this place is “real” ?!!!

I understand these profile were written by someone however I’m not sure if the people meant every single word on their profiles because it’s so obvious that some of these profiles are no longer active or even been checked since they were made !!

Oh well, that not my business but just wondering that’s all.

How about you people, do you feel the same or don’t really mind if these profiles are fake or just not a big deal?

My problem comes when I view the ladies profile and find out that some of them have a beautiful body and yet they call them selves “A Little Extra Padding” and some others call them selves “Large” when they don’t really look large to me in their Profile pictures.

So what is Athletic, Average & Over weight?

But hey let’s be fair to the ladies, I’ve noticed that many of the male profiles also has lot’s of drama in them “lol” Yeah I mean the “Size”
Some says it’s 8+ and some says its 10+, well guess what it’s about the thickness these days, am I right ladies “lol”

I guess the Ladies also face the same problems with men in here, as I know lots of males in here claims they have big or long “Cocks” and whenever the ladies asks for a picture they get shocked or pissed sometimes because it’s not what they expected.

I think we will always have our own measures toward Ladies bodies when it comes to Athletic or Over Weight sizes And it’s the same case to the ladies when it comes to the males Cock Length and Thickness.

So ,,, that’s all for now & no more confusion , be good and stay sweet

Traveling to Seoul, South Korea very soon in a business trip and will be back to my “Crib”

Have a wonderful weekend . .

Take care

A Friend

bintafrica 38F

11/4/2005 12:16 pm

Intersting thoughts Sahara,
Been in the AdultFriendFinder for now nearly 2 months, a tending to believe people use this this site to get them out of reality sometimes and into theri dream fantasies. Hence some profiles may same unreal. There are no prohibitions so you fill in all your fanatsies about ur personality and physical appearance. Am not saying that everyone does that but quite a lot do.
As for the size matter, a man has to advertsise himself through his 8inch plus size otherwise he thinks a woman wouldnt bother

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