17 Days of Straight Stroking - need your advices  

LinedPactaHumid 38M
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5/13/2006 12:14 pm

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8/2/2008 12:17 pm

17 Days of Straight Stroking - need your advices

Hi ,,,

I don't know what how to explain this ...

I've been masturbating for the last 17 days straight.

I have no idea what had happened to me, all of the sudden I started turning my CAM on and began stroking my COCK on CAM.

Tens and hundreds of strangers started watching, lots of them keeps sending me invitations to their network and others added me to their msn.

Lot's of good and interesting things started happening, but I question my self now did I get addicted or is it only a period of time that I have to go over for now only?!!

I enjoyed the fact that so many ladies keeps sending me some network invitations or private msgs and all of them are so sweet and some are so erotic and very HOT "which is awesome" .. Thank you Ladies I appreciate all of your comments.

To tell you the truth, I get hard easily and I always feel that I want to lick a pussy and fuck, very horny and can't really help it, I've been enjoying every single moment that I spent stroking and playing with my cock, I’ve been using lubes or normal oil and sometime body lotions and i keep wondering are these products going to affect my cock skin or gives me hard time in the future,, you see i might be asking some silly questions but I truly mean each word of what I'm saying here.

I want to know now, is it healthy or unhealthy that I cummed once every day for the last 17 days.

I have a feeling that I'll no longer have enough cum to produce sometime "lol"

"In case some of you questioning am don't I just sleep with someone", well soon or later I’ll get married but for now I’m just enjoying my single life again,,,, it's been years since I was single.

Please comment on my concerns if you have any good advices or thoughts,

Ladies, how important for you to see your man playing with his cock?

Ladies do you really enjoy watching men playing?
& Why?

On the other hand may I ask those are who experts in life and in masturbating ...

Should I stop playing and stroking my cock or maybe take a break,, ?!!

I can have sex anytime I want but I'm talking in general concept of stroking, is it good or bad habit to practice?

All of your comments will be appreciated....

Thanks a lot

A Friend

rm_654321935 33F
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10/14/2006 9:05 pm

Hello, My Friend....I may start

Well, I can't say I am too expert but I can just give you from the knowlege I know & my opinion.

It is too important for my man to play his cock, if he wants me to cum on his face.

Ofcourse, no girl wants her man to be dead boring. She wants a man to play his cock toy right just in front of her as if she imagining or playing her dildo/vibrator at home. You choose U want her to play with her dildo or to see ur cock and come to it..what is better?
Or how about both at the same time,huh!(That's your answer for the why above)

Men can never stop playing his cock, thats something natural to do and from my research study of the anatomy of a man and a women, the man has roots and so if U don't play your cock, then how do U expect it to grow more or to organism more just like when U have to water ur plant to get it grow big and if you don't play it times; you might then just be tired when a real girl comes in front of u, I don't mean U won't be able to do it with her but if U get urself used to not playing ur cock alot then u wont be used to fuck & cum more same as the plant if it is not watered everyday then it will fail to grow more if we don't do it everyday.
So by playing urself more helps U enjoy doing ur girl more, you will be just toooooo hungry & angry that U want to use all ur energy on her as when U were alone it was just not enough for U, U need the real thing to get more hottter, more naughtier, more WILDER and also gets U to relax more to enjoy ur sex & personal life to reach to be a successful sexy man, just like small business people reach to be more successful business men.

In the other hand, I can say that the more you play ur cock toy, the more U imagine new sex or weird/dirtier positions U would wanaa try it later with ur girl by training urself's imaginations so U could try it on her the next time U see her; you know like when U have to learn a new techinque for chemistry, its the same feelings. So the more U play the more you teach urself to be sexier, and hotter in ur sexual life.

Let's say you wana stop it because maybe U think it isn't normal then stay old fashioned. Cock is born as part of ur body and it is very natural for any man or girl to play with themselves alot.

Play your toy more, then U learn to be more experienced in sex to enjoy it & enjoy your time more as U get older.

Taking a break is a must but not for long maybe a day or two to three days could be it. I don't think U can hold it more than that, I can't so don't lie to urself.

Talking of general concept of stroking just like I said above.

"Do ur training more, you would enjoy ur sexy life more; and thats natural. Stop the habit, then enjoy to stay boring and boring as u grow older and be more old fashioned."

So....What do U think a lady wants....?
A man who would teach her new and experience more sex positions with her as they both want a real hot scent of passion...!!!!! Isn't it!!

A man stays with his old positions and doesn't try to change, then girls will grow more into not enjoying it anymore if there isn't any new wilder actions....She wants to be cummed more but screams to her man to spank her or do it dirtier, but unfortunately her man is still with his same old actions.... then thats it finito..the girl gets dry and bored.

Men should masturbate and play to reach to more imaginations if he wants to please his girl.

What do you think ladies???

But also I have to be fair,this message also goes to girls too, she needs to play herself a lot too to reach the same with her man.

What do you think Sahara?

UmmmwaaAaAa777777......to My SaharaToy
You know, I might be too busy but oh yes I have to admit that ur one of the great educated person I have met or I could say U r the only one great person I met.

I hope my comments will be appreciated.....

Take Care Sweety

Yours Geisha..♠

LinedPactaHumid 38M
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8/2/2008 12:17 pm

I can't thank you enough for all the advices

I'm healthier and always horney....

Hugs Sexy

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