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1/19/2006 10:06 am

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The Daily Grind

Well, have been working alot. Haven't been getting the hours that I need at the little Ma and pop diner that I work at so picked up an extra waitress's job at a bigger chain. Still keeping the other job though, just love the atmosphere and the people that come in. Plus the owner and his wife are absolute sweethearts!

Here's a list of things that I enjoy and dislike about my line of work:


- get to meet interesting and fun people.

- experience new and exciting things.

- have met some great past lovers through work

- just love chatting it up with customers and the satisfied look on their faces at the end of a great meal.

- watching families spend time together.

- serving a couple on a date, glancing over the table at each other with that passionate and loving look in their eyes.

- good tippers! bless all of you hahaha.


- rude people.

- asshole guys who think that they can say just about any crude thing to a woman! Although I do love sex and to be intimate I AM NO SLUT!

- the fact that some people really do think cheesy pickup lines will work, get a grip!

- being on my feet all day.

- having boss's who don't appreciate your work.

- not getting one stinking requested day off and then getting a lecture about it even though you NEVER take a day to yourself.

- shitty tippers, or lack there of.

- people who pull out a "tip calculator" or one of those "tip charts" to give you what it says TO THE EXACT PENNY! come on now!

- crying screaming children at the table who are too young to be at a restaurant anyway.

- met some lousy past lovers through my work lol.

The Illusive Cicada

norprin5 55M

1/19/2006 12:33 pm

sounds like 6 of one/half-dozen of the other situation...

also, it's ok to be a slut, as long as it's on your terms, right?
or am i wrong? (i'm a guy, which apparently means that i'm usually wrong...)

King Nor XVIII

Efilnikufecin69 47M

1/20/2006 2:08 am

I always tip good. Hell one of the finest women I ever went out with was a waitress at Pizza Hut. I tipped her $10(back in '89) and had my telephone number wrapped up in it, rolled and placed in the top of my straw.

I honestly never thought in a million years she would call, but she did. She was absolutely stunning. Mmmmmmmmmm. Those were the days!

MrNuttz05 49M

1/20/2006 3:53 pm

Did you know that MrNuttz was the 1st ever busboy for a very popular restaurant back in 1985? Yes, & my 1st tip was a shiney silver nickel from a nice old lady... But soonn afterwards, a nickel was not enough, those floundering fools that came into the restaurant to spend 20's of small amounts of food were leaving me meaningless change. Is it because I am a???? That's right, I said it..... A man? A man doing what had been oh so long classified as a womans job. How could they discriminate against me like that? I am a man & I want what's coming to me... That is until a customer gave me a blow job in her car..... You know, that has such a calming effect on the whole world....

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