WTF,YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING....................  

rm_SYNKITTY0926 41F
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11/17/2005 1:14 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

WTF,YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING....................

I recieved the below e-mail from a very sick person...........brv37

"I want to smell your farts, rim your shit-packed asshole, and watch you push out a big load of fresh warm shit into my hands to enjoy. I LOVE the smell of girl farts and shit."

Ok now how would your responce go?


11/17/2005 1:22 am


rm_baldlovin 35M

11/17/2005 1:30 am

... euhm... "fart off"?

"Something stinks in here"?

"Go put a tube in your ass, so it is connected to your nostrels and go gas yourself"?

"I'm not interested in something like that, so please don't ask me again and good bye"?


11/17/2005 1:39 am

If you really want nothing to do with the sickie then just ignore it.

Most likely he'll also get a rise from pissing you off or disgusting you so don't give him that pleasure.

Just my.02



kamuelagurl 43F

11/17/2005 2:31 am

My response would be, "Pull my finger" lol.

I'm kidding.

I wouldn't respond at all. That's just weird.

bear77344 60M
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11/17/2005 2:43 am

How about something like I'm sorry you're too sick for me please don't contact me again. Maybe that's too strong. Maybe I'm not into defecation and sewer smells good luck finding a woman who shares your interests

mm6342 53M
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11/17/2005 3:04 am

probably for your safety and sanity dont open anything from him . and dont reply . I am sure if you report it to AdultFriendFinder they may be able to help you

MissAnnThrope 56F
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11/17/2005 3:09 am

I would just write back and say I wasn't into scat. Not even for money.

merk4hire518 31M

11/17/2005 3:33 am

then go smell your own farts and shit

freetime648 52F

11/17/2005 4:53 am

Can you say BLOCK and DELETE????????????????????? How strange is this person?

xx FREETIME648 xx

rm_SYNKITTY0926 41F

11/17/2005 12:36 pm


fmisvme 46M/36F

11/19/2005 7:32 am

Do you want corn or peanuts with that...(I'm sorry that's gross) Block, Do not respond and thank god he's not from around here.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

sittinlooking 33M
37 posts
11/19/2005 11:26 am

tell him to take a dive into a deep porta potty... perferably one he can't then get out of

rm_alwyshorny1 48M

11/25/2005 9:02 am

What a sick individual. Sometimes you just want to say "what the f*#@".
Too bad there are people on here that make it difficult for us normal... Ok well almost normal people to find or attract a hot lady like yourself.
Write me sometime...

redmustang91 57M  
8657 posts
11/28/2005 11:34 am

Ew! Eliminate that shit! One man's sexual turnon is another woman's poison! Yucky doo-doo! Oh shit on that shit, and I do mean no shit!

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