Still-More Romance Within My Heart  

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9/1/2005 8:12 pm

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Still-More Romance Within My Heart

In The AfterGlow Of Love

In the afterglow of love
Once the heat has settled down
And the fire starts to cool
From that ecstasy we've found

We've explored a whole new world
Where passions come alive
A place where sex, lust and pleasure
And that joy of love survives

As you relax inside my arms
And you purr a gentle sigh
I feel a softness in my heart
And see a sparkle in your eye

So with a kiss upon your lips
As I caress your smooth, soft, skin
We've unlocked that secret door
That stirs those Flames within

Is This a Dream

Am I awake?
Is this a dream?
Am I somewhere in between?
Whirling, swirling, magically thrown
Into a hazy world of my own.
Hug me, squeeze me
But don't pinch me too tight,
Or shout too loud or switch on the light.
I'm afraid you see
In case it's a dream
These feelings I have And what they mean.
I don't want to lose this inner glow.
I want to nurture it. I want it to grow.
But wait! I can't be imagining this.
I feel your soft breath
And your kiss on my lips.
I know now I am awake
This isn't a dream
It's not a mistake.
I know this is real
Because I can see
The love in your eyes
And they're looking at me.


nedilly 61M
13 posts
9/2/2005 6:24 am

hey lady how about doing this in reallife with me i can the dream person for u as my pleasure is to pleasure u can we at least chat and see what'sup

ruready4adark1 56M

9/6/2005 6:20 pm

Shortblond, you are a beautiful woman.

ruready4adark1 56M

9/7/2005 5:21 am

Um... I was talking about the insides. Not that you aren't beautiful on the outside!

Words, thoughts and expressions of romance, they come from within and that is what I spoke to.

nedilly 61M
13 posts
10/13/2005 7:30 am

short- u r the person we men dream of haveing that perfect encounter with. i have read your stuff and you wow me mabe sometime^^^^^^^^^ sorry mind was wondering c/ya ned

nedilly 61M
13 posts
10/15/2005 6:12 am

hi short: i only hope you contact me live i'd sure like to chat >>>>>>>>>>>>>thinking wow, ned

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