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Give Yourself a Recipe for Passion

Needing a break from everyday stress or maybe you are ready to spice up your relationship? The answer may be right at home. All you need to cook up a passionate evening is a willing partner and a little creativity. Let’s get started!


Start by indulging in a luxurious bubble bath, scented with passionate floral aromas to start. Light candles, sip a glass of wine, and just apply a generous amount of self-indulgence - exfoliate, moisturize, give yourself a manicure and pedicure and don't forget to pamper legs with a nice close, smooth shave. Men love to feel their ladies’ legs all silky. During and after your bath, play a relaxing CD as you dress and apply your makeup - take your time and just enjoy looking at yourself. When finished, move on to gathering the right ingredients to create a little magic.[COLOR blue

Ingredients.... To create the perfect passionate environment start with soft, warm candle light, add a roaring fire if you can, fluffy pillows and soothing music - to sooth the wildest beast. If food is part of your game plan, make it rich and sinful, in generous portions. Add a bottle of wine or better yet Champagne and one finely administered backrub and you're ready to start "cooking."


Mix all ingredients together in one distraction-free environment with your partner. Enhance flavor with generous portions of stimulating conversation and laughter. Slowly add liberal amounts of flirtation. And remember - no short cuts! Passion is a dish that must be savored - long, slowly,with lots of caressing, and long deep passionate kissing, and more than once!


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