A Place Called Ecstasy  

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A Place Called Ecstasy

A Place Called Ecstasy

She could feel his strong hands as they smoothed the oilgently over her skin. Carefully he made certain that every last bit of her back was covered from the soles of her feet to the base of her hair line. Not a patch anywhere was missed out and then he added a few drops of the aromatic oils, he liked to use. Instantly, she reconized the smell and just that first breath made wonderful memories of recent love-making flood back.

"ohh! Oh....yes please", she murmured, with a soft, almost inaudible little giggle of anticipation.

His hands continued to softly stroke her back and shoulders, gradually increasing the pressure as the massage got deeper into her muscles. As the little knots of tension relaxed, he increased the length of strokes his hands made until the whole of her back from her bottom to her neck became a canvas on which he painted a picture of love in a riot of sensations. His hands moved steadily over her and began to work more on her buttocks and hips, gently he slid his fingers around her thighs and worked on her legs and feet. Touchy as she was about her feet he kept the pressure on them steady and uniform, but this was a whole body massage and they had to be included for the sake of completeness, if for no other reason. He worked the oils into her soles and ankles and between her toes, then lengthened once again to include her calves and finally her thighs once more.

As his hands worked more and more into the muscles of her thighs they got even closer to the top where her legs were separated only by that small dark, mysterious centre of ecstatic pleasure she anticipated him reaching. He was always a man to save the best for last....to savour delights rather than rush headlong for what he wanted straight away. She moved her legs a little apart to help him and she was rewarded as his fingers just touched her there before withdrawing away to her thighs once again. The touches became more frequent until his hand, apparently casually moved to the soft patch of hair surrounding his goal and began to caress it, She felt a finger slip effortlesslessly, seemingly carelessly, inside her.

"God...Yes ! Oh Yes", she breathed as he explored her,searching for the special places where her pleasure would increase to a crescendo. Then she felt his fingers run up between her buttocks and she wiggled with delight and yyet part of her was sad that he had stopped what he had been doing.

Reluctantly, because he always said she had a sexy bum and he liked to look at it, he turned her over and she could see the erection she had only felt pressing against her and teasing her up until then. He repeated the process for the front of her, with particular attention being paid to her breasts with their now very hard nipples. He massaged and squeezed them, pushing them together and kneading and enjoyiing the feel of them, the nipples apparently growing and hardening even more as they responded to his touch.

Kneeling astride her and with hands now moving to work her stomach. he leaned forawward and his tongue flicked out at her nipples barely touching them and makming her catch her breath in delight. His hands returned to her breasts and squeezed them, presenting them for his mouth to suck at the hard pink tips. His teeth nipped at her nipples, biting even harder until he neared the line where pleasure would would cross into pain. She knew he would not go over that line and she moaned as her excitememnt grrew. She could feel the hardness and heat of his eager erection pushing against her oily and deliciously slippery thighs. Then it was between them and she climaxed almost at once.

As her shrudders subsided, and he released her breasts she immediately felt her legs pressed easily apart by his. Then he slid in between them and finally, breathtakingly, he entered her. She grasped and her eyes widened as he pressed himself fully into her and stayed there, barely moving. Her excitement and pleasure reached almost unbearable levels until new shrudders of delight flooded her whole body, carring her away on soft clouds of elated pleasure that suppressed all other thoughts and emotions. She was then in that floating heaven that made words like joy and pleasure so inadequate-for it was truly a place called "Ecstasy".

Passionately, xoxo shortblond69

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