Why Not?  

rm_SCOOTI2002 44M
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7/27/2006 12:25 pm

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3/6/2007 10:17 am

Why Not?

Well after only working 4.5 hours today, things are really slow in my line of work at the present time.

I am again here at the site to browse and read some of the "erotic stories", and to browse some blogs. I am a man, what can I say. I find it intriguing to say the least, at what some folks will write on this site. Then again, who knows, I may have enough courage to write some "true" - (yeah right) stuff here some day. I must admit, some of the blogs are truly interesting, while others are just ......yawning for the donging. Oh OK that was lame, but I believe that my point was made very clearly.

I am just here to review, until I suck it up and write my own fictional (I mean non-fictional story).

Please everyone, keep up the good work, I will continue to read, and at times post my comments, but please take nothing personal, you never know what type of day I had, or how many hours I worked.

You all are beautiful in your own little ways, or big (I do not want to leave anyone out).

Until later..........Scooti out!!!

marnison 79F

7/27/2006 2:45 pm

...welcome...to the blogs.


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