It's gonna be a hot one!!!!  

rm_SCOOTI2002 44M
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8/1/2006 6:23 am
It's gonna be a hot one!!!!

Well, they say that it is going to be a hot one out there today. I think I will stay inside all day today and crank up the AC!!! If it is not a scorcher, while then, I should change my profession. I think I want to be a meteorologists, they can be wrong 95% of the time and still get paid. Imagine having a job that you could be wrong and say...ooops I guess I screwed that one up. That would be great.

Some new stories that were posted lately, glad to see that the site has tried to enhance my reading pleasures, by not reposting old stories. That was getting old really quick.

Well, thanks for reading, and thank you to the one person who checked out my blog, not bad for 50+, keep up the good work, and keep the heat in California!!! ha ha

Scooti out

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