My Hottest Day!!  

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10/6/2005 9:51 pm

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My Hottest Day!!

Well let me tell you it wasnt my typical day at the office so to speak.
I work as a R.N. on an I.C.U. unit which on this particular day was not busy as far as patient load goes.....
I left for my usual lunch break and went back to the nurse's lounge to "freshen up" so to speak.
As I started to enter the shower room/change room i heard a little voice say "Can i share this room with you as I am in a huge hurry and don't have time to wait. Well usually I would not do this, and just let her have the room all to herself, but I needed this shower just as much as she did..
As i looked at her I noticed that she was the new female doctor that we had just gotten last week.
She immediately started stipping off her "scrubs" to jump into the already steaming shower that aawaited her. I was in mine beside her ,and really taking every chance that I could to "sneak a peek". She was of "indian" culture and had the sweetest body that I have ever seen on a woman naked (unless a petient) and that is just plain gross!!
She had DD's and about a 24# waist to boot!!! OMG!! her legs were so long and tanned and you could see that she was really in shape. I guess she was around 30- 35 years old.As our shower went on I seen her also looking at me every now and then.
Then right out of the blue!!!! She reached over the wall that seperated us and .......... got the soap..... Well that made me heart definitley skip a few beats if you know what i mean.
It was then that i really started watching her and she watching me.... She walked around the wall into my shower area and touched my breast/ then asked me if I was "Lonely" _________OMG!!!! well i thought if u want me too I can that is for I reached out and also touched her breasts which were a far cry from mine that is for sure. For a few minutes we both stood there carrassig each others' breasts,, ( my pussy was getting soooooo wet, and I wondered if she was too). I reached down to her pleasure carefully not knowing if she would be offended, but she didn't move my hand away.. I started caressing her lips first, then darted one finger loosely along her inside labia....She was sooooooo juicy and HOT!! At this time I did not care if she was offeneded because i knew that she wanted me as mch as I wanted her..
With the hot water falling on us,, we lay down together still carressing whatever we could reach at this time. Shoot!!! I had to lock the shower room door, so I went ahead and did that so we would have complete privacy.
When i returned she was laying there with her fingers in her pussy moaning and difinitely ready for some pure lesbain fucking!!!
I lay over her at this time not really knowing what i was doing but i knew that this was going to be awesome!! I kissed her silky lips and preceded to go down futher and further(not wanting to stop unitl I made it to the Jackpot).
Then I found it!!! At that time she asked me if I had ever done it before witha woman and i said "no, I was hoping that you had..)
Well did I ever get a respomse from her!! She opened her bag up to reveal every "toy" that you could ever want put in your pussy for the rest of your life!!!
She then covered me with her hot sensual body and started to finger fuck me while kissing my full tounge... She would every now and then let me have a taste of my own sweet juices...
My lips were so BIG at that time I thought that I was going to explode, but she told me stand up bracing myself onto the bar where she preceded to give me and orgasm to which i had never had before man or woman!!!
As I stood there as she first got underneath me and started licking my clit ever so lightly and in a smooth rythmn. She started getting faster and harder with the flics around my clit, and sensing that i was so close she stopped....
She then turn me around once more. At this point i was like jelly standind there just wanting this beautiful woman to finish me off////
She asked me if I had ever been fucked by a woman, and then proceeded to strap on the most gigantic COCK that I had ever seen. She told me to relax and that it wouldn't be as bad I thought it wold be.... She then put another attachemnt on the Cock which I did not know was at the time.
She lay me down and used her fingers and hand to compleltley lube the Cock and then ask me to be patient and just let her worry about any "hurt"
I lay there in such unbeievable passion that I wanted her to shove that long, hard Huge cock into me but she was soooooo gentle. She started the head in and lay the vibrator against my clit for stimulation.... I yelled " i am going to cum now!!!!!" She quickly pulled it away and said that I should try to wait as the end result would be like nothing that I had ever felt before. So I did. I watched her fantastically tanned, DD breasts move around me and that Huge Cock strapped to her and started beggig to let me cum...
She then sat down on a chair with no arms on it and beckoned me over. I stood over her kissing her beautiful mouth and drenching in her sweetness. I lowered my petite frame down over the cock onlylower this time. I started going slow letting my juice lubricate the big brute. Slowly, slowly and then a little faster I managed to get all of the head into my hot pussy. At this time I wanted all of that giant cock into to my deliciously wet pussy. I pushed down so hard that I screamd!!! She told me that was the worst of the pain and to now start an easy rythmn, which i glady did. At that time she kind of stopped for a minute and connected another contraption to the vibrator only much bigger!! She said "Now the harder and faster you pump that harder and faster I pump. She had a strap on in her pussy linked to mine!!!
Well I started pumpin, pressin, moaning and screaming until the orgasm in me started and I knew that it was going to be a g-spot one too. She screamed at me to push harder and faster and she would have a treat for both of us if we went at the same time.. Well I couldn't handle it any ....... I EXPLODED!!!!! and all of a sudden I felt the hottest rush of fliuid being thrust into my pussy, moving at the same time as my orgasm rolls......I looked at her and her eyes were rolled back in her head screaming and oaning with the pleasure that was going on in our bodies at the same time. She had a little bulb connected to all the contraptions on us and as I soon figured out it was hot semen to be thrusted into our bodies at the same time of orgasm.......
It was undoubtly the most errotic experience i think that I will ever have....Unless someone else can come up with something different.....LOL

Farewell DR. S

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10/7/2005 10:50 am

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PS> I will be looking forward to reading more of your blog.

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12/22/2005 11:05 am

Hey hey .. thats quite an erotic story wheee ... enjoyed it

rm_need_sex65 51M

1/1/2006 12:30 pm

That is maybe the hottest story i've ever read

Thank You for sharing that

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