JJ wants to reconnect  

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1/1/2006 6:44 am

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JJ wants to reconnect

Woke this morning to an e-mail from someone I had not spoken to for a little while. A woman I started talking to from a dating site last fall. We e-mailed and chatted for quite a while but finally because of the distance separating us she decided it would not work out. We had connected on a level she had never experienced before and my thought was that it scared her to the point of pulling away. I understood her like no one had before and instinctively knew what her real desires were. I should also point out that she is only 36 years old and though wise in the ways of sexuality has never met anyone who could make her cross over to where her desires lay or even undertood her enough to realize that she was looking for more than vanilla. She has continued to use this other site and I would presume from her message to me that she has yet to meet the One who can help her realize her potential.

Do I want to re-initiate contact and perhaps risk her pulling away again or experience the frustration of not being able to fully realize the benefits of the relationship?

A good way to start the new year.......

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