The first experience...Out of the Blue!  

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2/15/2006 9:51 pm

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The first experience...Out of the Blue!

To begin the way most good stories start: "No shit, there i was..." Seriously, my wife and I have a couple that are good friends, where we had many great evenings at their house, with flirtatios talk, but no real hint of anything beyond great friendship. Til the one day when I was two-wayed on the cell phone from "Rachel" who said she had something personal to ask me and if I would meet her. I said sure, not really sure what was up. She told me that her boyfriend "Ross" had with a previous girlfriend messed around with his best friend, and it drove him WILD, so much so that after seeing his reaction telling the story that she wanted to reenact it for him, and that I was the one she would like to do it with for him. I was blown away, and truly flattered that they would trust me with what can be a very awkward situation. I told her I would have to think about it. Liz and I had discussed our fantasies, but in the hypothetical world. We had agreed that we were open to the idea should it present itself but we would cross that bridge when we got there...HELLO BRIDGE! I got home and told Liz "we need to talk" and she got this concerned look on her face. I told her what had been proposed to me, and she thought about it for a short minute and said "sure, go for it!" I asked if she was sure and wasn't just saying yes because she thought that was what I wanted to hear. She said no, I want you to do it, it sounds awesome! She said she wasn't sure if she would be willing to be there or not, but would think about it. After a day or so of deliberation, she decided that she would like to go and watch but not participate. So, I called our friends and let them know that we were honored, to be asked and would LOVE!!! To accept their invitation.

We showed up at their house, dressed nicely, semi-provacative, (for us anyway!), and he was in house pants and t-shirt, she was in one of his white, cotton button up shirts, left open, exposing her very nice breasts as she walked. She also had on a nice white satin, g-string, that was visibly moist! I'll skip the yada-yada of how we got to it but here goes. We were watching a movie, me on the floor, my wife in a stuffed arm chair angled towards the couch they were on. She was laying on his lap as he fondled her breasts. She looked over me and gave me the "come hither" look and motioned to me with her finger to come over. I did as requested, and lifted up her legs and sat down with her silky smooth legs across my lap. I began to lightly stroke her belly, and legs in circles, working my way closer to her hot, wet pussy. I started stroking and fingering, her shaved, wet pussy, while my wife watched on with eyes of sheer passion and excitement, while her man played with her tits. We continued this for a while, when she got up and pulled my jeans off exposing my raging hard-on. She immediately attacked my cock , while my wife still looked on eagerly (soaking wet she showed me later!) She then got up and grabed Liz by the hand and set her next to me so she could watch nice and close as she sucked my cock! She then straddled me giving me a great lapdance. She jumped over to Liz, but it didn't do much for her...she isn't in the least bit bi. It was fun, just didn't "turn her on". She then went back to her man and began sucking his cock while Liz went down on mine. Talk about HEAVEN!!! They continued to go at it on the floor, doing everything...69, fingering her ass, doggy, etc. Liz and I took turns enjoying both of our FANTASTIC oral abilities...DAMN she was hot and wet, and my cock felt like it would explode it was so hard!!! I bent her over the couch and did her doggy style then she sat on my lap with her back to me and rode the fuck out of me! While our friends were doing it doggy style, I went over and began fucking her mouth...she was loving it. She liked it dirty so I grabbed her hair and told her to "suck my cock, bitch!" (not my thing believe me, felt wierd, but hey she wanted it!) She moaned and went crazy while she was getting hammered from behind and the front. Liz came over and played with my balls and helped guide my cock into her was HOT!!! Then my buddy stood up beside me and they each sucked our cocks side by side. They went back to fucking missionary, where he exploded all over her stomach, where they called me over to cum shoot my load all over her tits.

We went back to the house and had the hottest sex we had had in YEARS. I came so hard I shot of the end of the bed, over her shoulder!

NOT BAD for a first time eh?

pumpmyschwing 45M

3/7/2006 2:40 pm

That must have been great. That got me going just reading this

funcouple77755 46M/49F

3/24/2006 2:08 pm

Wish we were there as well! Hope to meet you someday soon!

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