My dirty little fantasy...  

rm_Rose_Redd85 31F
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3/6/2006 11:32 pm

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11/22/2006 12:31 am

My dirty little fantasy...

I'm having a rough patch with my fiance right now so I haven't had great sex in a long time. But my mind has been going crazy with ideas...

Who's the man starring in all my fantasies?

Let's just say my fiance hasn't made a guest appearence for quite some time. The man I'm fucking and sucking has a blank face. A total stranger.

That in itself has always been a fantasy of mine. Getting fucked by a complete stranger. Not knowing his backstory... or even caring.

Ever taken the bus?

All you see are blank faces. Complete strangers. All sitting together, riding along quietly. God knows what each person is thinking.




For most of the men on the bus, sex would be the obvious topic. And I don't blame them.

I too have undressed people with my eyes. Wondering what's beneath thier jeans. How they kiss. Picturing their facial expressions as they cum.

I remember one night when I took the bus. It was really late, the last route of the day. There was a couple in the far back and a man sitting across from me.

He was attractive. A white guy... nothing against white guys but where I'm from you don't see too many of them around unless you reside on the north side.

Immediately I began fantasizing about
jumping off my seet...
straddeling his lap...
unzipping his pants...
pulling out his cock...
pulling my panties over to the side...
and ride him all the way home.

Midway through my fantasy, he looked at me. Embarrased I looked away. But... he didn't.

I felt him starring at me. I felt my face blush as my pussy soaked through my panties and onto my inner thigh. (You guys have no idea. If excited, my little pussy can get soooo soaked. The more dirty I think the wetter I get.)

The skirt I was wearing was pretty short. So short, that when I sit, my ass kinda touches the seat. Worried about leaving a wet spot on my seat, I crossed legs hoping that'll help some how.

But I didn't realize that when I did that, the guy in front of me got a great view of my pussy.

He covered his mouth as he smiled. Even more embarrased, I laughed a little. When I looked back, he was staring at my legs. Surveying every inch.

He wanted to see more. So...

I showed him more. I crossed my legs again, leaving more time for him to watch. And he did before looking away to lick his lips.

I was having fun. Toying with him.

I slowly took off my sweater, revealing my corset/cami. (I always love the way my boobs look in that top. But I usually hide them with a cardigan if I'm out in public. Don't usually wanna cause so much attention.)

I began running my fingers across my bust line before bending over to pretend to rub something off my ankle.

He took that chance to see what he wished he was sucking on. As I bent back up, I caught eye contact.

I smiled to let him know it was okay. I enjoyed the way he was looking at me. He smiled back.

With such boldness, that I had no idea I had... I spread my legs wide open for him while massaging my legs up and down and staring right into his eyes.

He breathed in heavily and licked his lips.

Sadly, my fun ended when my stop came and got off the bus. He watched my ass as I walked out. But...

In my dirty little fantasy it got much, much hotter. In my fantasy he asks for my name.

"Elise," I reply. "And yours?"

"Mike. You're beautiful. Can I sit by you?"

"Seat's wide open."

He takes a seat beside me.

"Ummm, so where you headed?" he asks trying to start a normal conversation.

But the Elise in my fantasy isn't same as Elise in real life. She knows what she wants and she goes straight for it.

"Mike, were you looking up my skirt?"

Shocked he stutters, "Ah,.. I.."

"Don't worry. That was my plan."

"Was it?" he laughs. "A job well done."

"Thank you but that's not where by plan ends."

"Oh there's more?"

"Lots. I plan on getting off the next stop and checking into the Selina Inn."

"Really," he asked very interested.

"You're getting off with me."

"I am!" he laughs.

"Yes. And when we get inside the room I am going to push you on the bed and give you the best head you've ever had."

His mouth drops.

"You game?" I laugh.

"You're not serious," he laughs.

I suddenly push the button beside us as we begin to stop in front of the bus stop at Selina Inn. His mouth drops yet again.

"Are you trying to scam me?"

I grab his cock and look into his eyes.

"Don't let logic get the best of you. I am offering you fantastic, guilt-free sex for one night. If you pass this up, trust ... you'll regret it."

Within minutes we're checked in and inside the room.

Now... I promised him fantastic sex and I have every intention of keeping that promise. But how will I begin?

to be continued...

dreamweaver8061 47M

3/7/2006 12:16 am

damn...can't wait for the rest. wait a great fantasy. would love to be on that bus. just to see all of that taking place would have been enough to drive me crazy.

rm_KnowStuff 56M
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3/7/2006 1:02 am

I so wanna ride the bus that has you on it. Either Elsie is fine by me.

Nice words and writing hun.

For me to say "I must get into your pants" is an overstatement.
For me to say "I must get into your head!" is an understatement.

nydude1955 61M

4/10/2006 8:53 am

As it was mentioned already, I would love to ride the bus you're on. Heck I would love to ride you on the bus. Enjoy your fantasy very much, can't wait until you finish.

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