Embarassing Sex Accidents  

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7/25/2006 4:45 pm

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Embarassing Sex Accidents

Remember the scene from 40 year old virgin where the main character is with a girl that begins to kiss his feet? He's ticklish and kicks her square in the nose causing the fun to come to a grinding screeching halt with her bloody nose. Sexually accident prone. I suppose these things probably happen all the time in real life. Perhaps it's throwing your back out trying to give it to her harder and faster, having the kitchen table give way under the weight of four people fucking, or the ever popular pulling out too far and ramming solidly into pubic bone instead of pussy. Whatever the circumstances it makes me wonder how many strange accidents have happened to folks reading this. What's the weirdest accident?

What made me think of this you ask? Well the other night we found ourselves wandering around a new subdivision with houses in various states of construction. We found one that had a cement floor that had just been poured. It was still warm and oh soooo smooth. Minutes later we were naked going at it in the new basement of a house that didn't yet exist under a gorgeous starry night. All was right with the world. Now we didn't have a blanket but the cement was smooth and warm so it didn't seem to matter. I got the privilege of being on the bottom. After several minutes of fun, the sweat began to appear on my brow and a few drops on the small of my back.

This is a good point to discuss pH and wet cement. Did you know that cement is alkaline in it's wet state? That means it's caustic you shouldn't handle it without gloves for a long period of time. Once it's dry, no problem.

Well, as I thrust my way to ecstasy, my ass began to tingle ... then burn. Of course I was focused and continued toward my goal. I plowed ahead with no concern towards the fact that the fresh cement was interacting with my sweat. Any idea what was my reward for such dedication? Yep, that's right, chemical burn right across my the small of my back and my ass crack. Think of a nice second degree burn and there you have it. Another victim of a sexual accident.

So hopefully you've had a laugh at my expense and you are now a little bit wiser when it comes to cement and nakedness. All I ask of you is to respond with accident story of your own. I'm sure you have one, everybody does. Share it and join me in the humiliation.


rm_mmmgoodnova 106M/106F
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7/25/2006 5:43 pm


I've heard of a rock hard ass before, but really.

DevilDogDan 61M

7/25/2006 6:03 pm

My accidents have always involved the who rather the what. So what did you tell the doctor about where you got the burns?

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