Another Day Dawns...  

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9/3/2006 9:13 pm
Another Day Dawns...

Well it has been a while since I last wrote something here, work has been keeping me pretty busy ... but I am not complaining.

Last week saw an amazing event, I managed to get in touch with the first woman that I ever had sex with ... it has been 10 years since we last saw each other.

The whole week was spent sending e-mails back and forth in an effort to catch up on old times and just reconnect.

In the process we got to talking about our sexual preferences and how they have changed over the last 10 years ... while chatting to her I was inspired to write a short little story ... now I am no Stephen King, but I thought I would share it with you folks as well.

The Darkness
The silence is broken by the sounds of heels clicking slowly and methodically towards me, at first it appears to be only one set of footsteps but as my senses become more attuned to the environment I realise that there is a second set which seems to be almost ominously walking in unison with the first set.

My heart starts to race and my pulse quickens.

I try to open my eyes and look around, but it is dark.
"Are the lights off?"
I think to myself. Then I realise that I am blindfolded, as I try to remove the blindfold the footsteps start to get louder and are definitely coming closer.

I start to sweat now, realising that something is not right ... my hands are handcuffed behind my back and I am kneeling on the ground with my ankles tied. The sweat is running down my forehead and seems to be pooling around my cheeks and my chin, its then that I realise that I am wearing some type of hood.

I start to scream, but only muffled sounds erupt from my hoarse throat.
"Oh my God, I am gagged as well. What the hell is going on?"
I try to scream.

The footsteps stop and I hear a key enter a keyhole. While the key is turned in the locked, I realise that I am in a sparsely furniture room with a cold tile floor. My whole body is sweating now and I can feel it running down my back and pulling around some type of clothing that seems to have my arse and penis exposed.

Strangely I am suddenly aroused and my penis goes rock hard as I think to myself:
"If this is hell then I am in heaven!"

My heart skips a beat as I hear the door creak open. The footsteps enter the room and the door is closed behind them. More quickly now, the footsteps approach me, a sweet scent seems to enfold the room around these two mysterious forms. It almost sounds like they are circling me like a pair of Eagles closing in on their prey, I try to scream to them but only muffled sounds come out again.

I am shivering with excitement now, as I wait for whatever is to come.

A soft female voice whispers in my ear:
"So my sweet, it is time for us to be in charge for once. This will be a night that you will never forget, and we will tell you when we are done with you."

A different female voice whispers in my other ear:
"You are going to get everything you deserve ... and so are we!"

There is some movement, I try to follow the movement, but it is so overwhelming that I almost pass out. I feel something soft, yet more solid then material run down my back and trace the contours of my naked arse. Slowly it moved between my butt cheeks and teasingly rubs up against my anus. My penis pulses with excitement, and then there is another one stroking down my chest and moves towards my cock. Flirtingly it flicks across the head of my hard cock that is now standing so erect that it is completely exposed.

There is a loud cracking sound and a burning sensation across my butt cheeks follows as I realise I have just been whipped by a riding crop.

"We are going to remove you gag now, but if you say a word you will get more of this."
The voice in front of me says as another cracking sound erupts, this time the pain bursts across my chest from belly button to the top.

There is some fidgeting around my cheeks as the riding crop on my back continues to trace the contour of my left thigh up to my arse and back down to the other leg. The figure behind me seems to move closer and I feel some pressure on my right thigh as what must be a high-heeled shoe of some type is rested on it. The gag finally comes free and I am able to lick my lips for what has felt like an eternity.

The figure in front of me leans forward and says:
"Lick your mistresses boots ... and you better do a good job".

I move to the right and bend as far down as possible, push my tongue out and find the tip of the pointed boot. The material is cold and feels very slick. I start tracing the shape of the boot upwards as I think to myself:
"PVC ... yummy!"

As I follow the shape and feel my tongue move across the laces, I try to get a mental picture of what this goddess must be wearing. The boots go on for an eternity and I realise that these boots run way past the knees. My cock gets harder and I realise that there is something leaking from it ... the riding crop brushes across the tip of my cock again and I shiver.

Another crack erupts across my back, followed by a second across my left thigh.
"Carry on!"
The voice behind me demands. I continue licking the boots and all of a sudden the boots come to an end and I feel the soft tingle of lace under my tongue. Hesitating just so ever slightly, I return my tongue to the boot and start to work my way down. There is some movement in front of me and the voice quietly but firmly says:
"Lift your head towards me and open your mouth!"

I comply and try to get my best bearing on where the voice is coming from. The boot on my right thigh lifts off and starts teasingly rubbing between my balls and my anus. Something semi-rigid bumps up against the side of my mouth, there is a slight hesitation and then I take it in my mouth. It feels rubbery and is slightly cold and dry, I start to slobber over it and then almost in a state of shock I realise what it is ... a dildo.

"Slobber all over it darling!"
The voice behind me says.

"Show us how much you want it in your mouth."
The other voice says.

"Come on, you know what to do!"
The voice behind me says loudly and I hear a crack and feel the all too familiar sting on me left buttocks.

I start to move my head forward and backward and try to go back on all the times that I had a woman slobber over my cock, I do my best to simulate what those woman did when they made me feel so good. I start to get into it and I can feel my cock pulsing with anticipation. The two figures moan with pleasure as they seem to enjoy seeing me suck on a dildo ... there is a bit of pressure against my lips, its then that I realise that this is no ordinary dildo ... this is a strapon.

I almost come all over myself as I get an instant image of what this woman must look like, the imagination runs wild and my whole body starts to shake. The mistress behind me moves away for a brief moment and then returns. She kneels down besides me and whispers:
"I am going to untie your ankles now, don't do anything until we tell you to. Do you understand?"

I gurgle and nod a confirmation. The woman in front of me is moaning loudly now and she puts her hands behind my head and start to move my head backwards and forwards while she simulates fucking my mouth. The restraints around my ankles come loose and I feel a slight rush of blood enter my feet. I am sweating profusely now and the entire room is a wash of body sweat, sweet perfume and the smell of sex.

Suddenly the goddess in front of me stops moving my head and pulls the strapon out of my mouth, I almost whimper but I am quickly silenced when another crack fills the room and a sharp pain erupts across my dick. Instantly I shudder and retract slightly, this is followed by another crack and more pain erupting from my arse.

"Stop squirming"
The two voices command in almost unison. It takes every ounce of self control not to move again.

The figure in front of me moves away, and there is a sound similar to a chain jingling that announces the mistresses return. She puts something around my neck and I can feel cold metal against my chest.

"Now I am going to untie you hands, you better not touch anything until you are told to do so!"
The mistress behind me whispers in my ear as she unlocks the handcuffs.

"Put your hands on the floor and crawl behind me"
The other mistress says as she walks away from me pulling the collar with her.

I crawl after her on all fours, feeling the riding crop behind me teasing me all the way and the coldness of the floor sending small shooting pains through my knees. The crawling seems to go on forever and I realise that maybe this room isn't as small as I initially thought it was, then all of a sudden a soft tap with the riding crop to my head stops me in my tracks.

"In front of you is a bench, get on it with all fours and wait there!"
The voice in front of me says.

I climb on the bench that has a soft material covering and seems to be no higher then your standard sofa. The two figures start circling around me again and I hear them whispering things to each other, I can't make out what they are saying to each other, this just arouses me more and I feel some sticky liquid rub off my dick as it brushes up against my thigh, slowly it runs down my leg. This turns me on more. Suddenly I feel something get put around my wrists and ankles and before I can resist their is some pressure applied and I feel my legs get pulled apart parting my butt cheeks.

"Now we are going to fuck you like you never thought a man could get fucked!"
The voice says to me as I feel something hard get pushed around my anus. Then teasingly it is pulled away, something soft, warm and wet flicks across my anus. It is the mistresses tongue, slowly she rims me and then slowly inserts her tongue into my anus, I almost explode again. A soft moan comes from the other mistress. Just as my anus starts expanding from the ecstasy, the other mistress pulls her tongue away and it is almost instantly replaced by the hard object again. I realise what is happening and I relax my anus ... there is a bit of hesitation as my anus resists the initial insertion ... but then almost when it feels like I am going to tear the dildo goes all the way in. I moan loudly, there is a crack followed by pain across my back, another crack this time the pain flows from arse. I moan even louder. More cracks, more pain.

The figure behind me starts to fuck me with her dildo, the other lady moves in front of me, grabs my head and pushes it into her wet pussy. She had positioned herself underneath me while I was concentrating on the dildo in my arse.

"This will make you shut up!"
She says while holding my face deep into her pussy.

It tastes wonderful and I suck up all the clit juices while my arse gets rammed by the other mistress. I moan, both of the mistresses moan and the room gets filled with even more smells of sex now. I am in heaven, my body is shivering with delight and we continue in this position for what seems like an eternity. All of a sudden the mistress underneath me explodes in delight as I realise she has just come. She lifts my face and kisses me, licking her come juice and slipping her tongue deep into my mouth. Just as I am about to come both mistresses stop what they are doing and move away from me.

What seems like an eternity passes, when they return and I feel the pressure release on my ankles and my wrists.

"Lie on your back spreadeagled."
The one mistress says.

I comply, but obviously I comply too slowly, I am rewarded with four cracks of pain across my arse and back. The pressure is applied to my ankles and wrists again as I am pulled even more spreadeagled.

"Look at how hard his cock is!"
The one mistress says.
"Should we relieve that pressure"
She continues.

"Not yet."
The other one answers.
"Let him suffer just a little longer!"
She states. with what I can imagine is nothing less then a grin.

There is some movement around me, all of a sudden I feel two sets of tongues run up and down my dick. It quivers with delight, and just when I think I am about to explode and shower them in white, sticky come, the one mistress flicks her tongue down the shaft and across my balls and into my anus, while the other mistress moves her tongue up my chest and across my lips ... lingering near my mouth for moments before she picks her head up.

There is a burning sensation on my chest, followed almost immediately by cold. Another combination of heat and cold, this time on my nipples, this continues time and again when all of a sudden I feel something hard enter my arse again. I groan, and get another crack and sting, this time across my balls. The mistress starts fucking me hard with here a dildo while she flicks her riding crop on my penis. The other mistress moves and I feel her push he pussy hard down on my mouth and smothers me, I immediately start licking her sweet pussy which tastes slightly different to the previous one.

"They have swapped!"
I think to myself and I tongue fuck the mistress smothering me.

There are more combinations of hot and cold, but this time there seems to be two sets, some on my nipples, some on my balls, some on my penis ... within minutes my body is covered in whatever that are putting on me. I get fucked harder as I suck pussy harder and deeper, the harder and more intense I get fucked, the deeper and harder I suck her pussy.

Suddenly there are loud explosions of pleasure as both mistresses cum, my mouth is filled with pussy juice and it tastes wonderful. I moan, the mistresses moan ... and I get whipped again. Just as I am about to start sucking pussy again, both mistresses leave. I savour the taste in my mouth, and my arse pulses and my cock quivers ... I am in complete ecstasy. I hear the ever faintest pieces of conversation between the two mistresses. They are discussing something ... the discussion seems to go on forever ... and then they return.

"We are going to untie you now, but stay just as you are. Don't move until we tell you what to do!"
The one mistress says as she seems to swallow something.

"Nod if you understand!"
The other mistress says.

I nod ... almost insanely.

They both say again in unison.

I feel the pressure release on my ankles and wrists. Patiently I wait for the command on what I should do next. There is some movement, and I hear what seems to be somebody getting comfortable in a chair.

"Right, now it is time for you to finally be satisfied."
The one mistress says.

"And we are going watch you!"
The other mistress says.

"Start masturbating..."
The one goddess says

"...and moan all you like!"
The other goddess continues.

I grab my hard cock in my right hand and start to mastrubate ... moving my hand up and down ... my left hand index finger teases the hole in the tip of my penis. I moan, and I hear the two mistresses moan as well. I wonder what they are doing while I continue to play my cock.

"Tell us when you are about to come!"
The one mistress says.

I continue to play with myself, moving my left hand teasingly over my nipples and down my chest, past my balls and around my anus. I moan some more, I continue to mastrubate ... moaning ... moving my hand up and down ... and so it carries on.

"I am about to come."
I hoarsely state.

Almost immediately the two mistresses pounce on my cock and move my hands away, they take over, licking me, and playing with me ... taking turns. I moan, they slobber over my cock ... I moan some more. All of a sudden I explode ... my come come out and is caught between the two mistresses. I moan and shudder. The mistress continue to hold my cock and then move their faces towards to me.

"Open your mouth!"
They command.

I comply, all of a sudden my mouth is filled with my own sticky come ... it is warm.

Both of them say!

They both squeeze my cock very hard as if to indirectly explain what the consequences are if I don't. I swallow and moan, my body shivers with delight. As I lie there recovering from the events that just transpired, the two mistresses get off me and there is movement all around me. I feel the pressure, although slightly less this time, get applied to my ankles and wrists. There is a clicking sound, it sounds like a light switch. I feel some movement around my head as I feel the mask get removed. I open my eyes, but it is still dark. There are two silouhettes barely visible in front of me.

"Now stay just right here..."
The one silouhette on the left says.

"...we'll back in a little while, you better get some rest!"
The right silouhette says.

They move towards what I can only assume is the exit.

"We are far from finished with you and the night is still young."
They both say as the room is temporarily bathed in light from outside while they float through the door and close it behind them.

Well thats it for now ... hope you enjoyed the story. I will have to make a plan to get over to the U.K. as that is where my friend now lives ... it is strange, after such a long time I still love her.

Oh well ... arrrrrrrrooooooooooooooo!!!

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