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It was a warm spring evening, music was playing low in the background. Our bodies molded together in passion and sweat. Our love juics mixing in the swirling climaxes we were having. One after another, it would not stop. Our love making had seemed to go on for seveal hours. I was lost in her lust. She was lost in mine. Everything turned into a blur, she was bringing out things in me I did not know I had...or could do. My brain...not working...with a dream. Just then, something happened that was well...

Brown Eyes and I had met earlier that day in the laundry room. She is young and beautiful with dark skin and full lips. Full of life, she always has a smile on her face. She is in her twenties and at 5'4" she is well proportioned,36-C breast, 31" waist and a nice firm butt. We made small talk while we washed clothes. She is in school for nursing. She didn't have the money to go out of town for spring break. I asked her,"If she didn't have anything to do that I would take her to dinner" so she could have a quite eveing. She agreed to dinner but said,"She didn't want a quite eveing.She wanted an unforgettable eveing."

I arrived at her place at 7:00 P.M. She was still getting ready for our eveing out. She told me to have a seat in the living room. While waiting for Brown Eyes to get done, a young Asian girl came into the living room. She said,"Hi" and told me her name. I said there was no way I could say or remember her name. She told me everybody had a hard time with it and to call her "Munch". I asked her why she was called munch? She just smiled, rolled her eyes and walked away. She talked to Browm Eyes for awhile, then as she was leaving said to me,"Have a good time" with a big (strange)smile on her face.

Brown Eyes and I went to dinner. She wanted seafood so we went to Red Lobster. We had dinner, drinks, and good conversation. Then we went clubbing downtown. She knew all the hot spots. She knew a lot of people too. She was great, dancing, drinking, laughing. I was having a great time with her. At about 10:30 she said,"She wanted to go home." Seemed odd because we were having a great time. But what the lady wants the lady wants, so home we went.

We stopped and picked up some wine, cheese, and fruit(grapes,melon chunks). Got back to her place and poured the wine. Made a fruit plate. Then she said she would be right back and went into the bedroom. I turned on the stereo, turned it down low, sat down to relax. I closed my eyes and laid my head back, trying to take in the evening events. I heard her speak so I opened my eyes to the most beautiful sight I have seen.

There she was...naked, no clothes on at all! She was breath taking! Her beautiful dark skin, large breast, shaved puss. The only thing she was wearing was a smile and a belly ring. I sat there ...stunned, not moving, not breathing, afraid that this might be a dream and I would wake up. Then she spoke again, "do you want to take the wine and go into the bedroom?" I could not speak, I just nodded yes with this great big stupid schoolboy smile.

We moved into the bedroom. Once in there I sat my wine down and moved toward her.I slowly caressed her body. I was admiring every inch of this womans body, lightly kissing her neck and shoulders. Workink my way down. Enjoying her sweet smell and taste. I gently moved her toward the bed and had her layback. I looked into her eyes and said,"I have to taste you." She smiled and said,"OK"

I slowly spread her lips apart. She was already wet. The smell was intoxicating as I slowly moved toward her sweet spot. I gently kissed her sweet,wet lips a few times. I then deeply French kissed her puss, flicking my tongue around inside to gather the sweet nectar there. She was delicious. She started moaning and wiggling around. So I moved up to her clit which I lightly licked, actually I was just barely touching it. She started wiggling around moaning louder. She was now holding my head in place. I then just went to town,licking and sucking on her, trying to get more of that sweet nectar out of her. She started to tense up then shaking and I knew she was cumming. The juices started to flow and I was trying to swallow every drop. When she was done I'm sure my face looked a glazed donut, but she just sat up and kissed me deeply. Then she said it was her turn to suck me.

She helped me undress, unzipping my pants with her teeth. Once undressed, I sat on the edge of the bed. She was on her knees, between my legs. She lightly kissed the tip of my manhood. She then started to lick up and down the shaft, working her way down to my jewels which she first licked then took into her mouth one at a time.My eyes rolled into the back of my head,as I lay back on the bed. She now started to go to work on me. She was sucking and licking me like she was starving. At one time she had my cock down her throat and was trying to lick my jewels at the same time. I started to cum right after that and she kept my cock deep in her throat as I shot a huge load, she swallowed every drop.

We stopped for awhile, she went and got the plate of fruit & cheese also the wine. We drank and ate, she fed me grapes. I put some grapes up inside her, she said she could push them out one at a time. I said push them into my mouth...she did...amazing. I took a piece of melon and made little trails on her body which I licked off. We started to get hot again.

We were kissing and nibbling on each others neck and ears. She worked her way down to my nipples, damn that made me rock hard. I slowly entered her, she was still very wet and warm. As I started to move in & out, she was gently squeezing my cock with her muscles inside. I now understood the grape thing and the benifits of it. It was heaven. The pace slowly picked up, we were getting hotter and hotter. She is an amazing lover, working me like I have never been worked before. She rolled me over so she could be on top, riding me. She then turned around facing away from me, leaning forward on all fours and continued to ride me. Never separating or missing a stroke, which I give all the credit to her.

Our bodies molded together with passion and sweat. Our love juices mixing in the swirling climaxes we were having. One after another, she would not stop. Our love making had gone on for what seemed like hours. I was lost in her lust. She was lost in mine. Everything had turned into a blur, she was bringing out things in me I did not know I had...or could do! Just then something happened that was well...

Well it just wasn't registering in my head. She was kissing my face and the back of my neck at the same time...more hands caressing my body and hers, legs caressing together...too many, body heat, getting warmer, feeling...oh wow!...there's someone else in bed with us...who...what the...smells sweet...another girl?!?...her girlfriend?...Munch?...oh hell yea!!

I slid out of Brown Eyes, rolling over to see if this was true. Yes, she was there, with us, moving over me to get to Brown Eyes. Munch whispered for me to rest awhile, she would take over. It was a beautiful sight to see, them kissing and caressing each other. They had done this before. It was easy to see they knew each others bodies well. Munch worked her way down Brown Eyes body. Slowly kissing and licking her as she lowered herself to the wet, juicy, cream pie that I had just pulled out of. Taking in the smell with a deep breath, Munch then started lick and kiss Brown Eyes sweet spot. Cleaning up all the juices that were there.

I sat back drinking some wine, watching Munch eat out Brown Eyes like there was no tomorrow. Her butt was up in the air, moving in little circles. As I watched this I started to get hard again. I moved up behind Munch and was gently rubbing her bottom. She started to sit up but Brown Eyes grabbed her head and told her to finish what she was doing. Brown Eyes then told me to put my cock into Munche's asshole. I reached around and fingered Munches puss to get my fingers wet, then rubbed it on her a-hole. I wet my cock up with some saliva and then slowly entered her. Munch was very tight. I got in about halfway, then just stayed still while she got accustomed to my cock. She was making little moaning sounds the whole time.

After a few minutes I started to pump slowly in and out of Munch. At first she seemed to want to pull away, but Brown Eyes started to stoke Munches head telling her to relax. A few more strokes and Munch started pushing back to meet my thrusting. Before long I was pounding away in Munches ass. She was moaning while she was eating Brown Eyes. You could hear the muffled moans of pleasure. Brown Eyes had a hold of Munches head and was riding her face. Brown Eyes was getting off again, and the sight of this put me into overdrive as I could feel myself getting ready to release what little I had left. Brown Eyes and I released into Munch at the same time, riding that girl hard, both her face and her ass.

After cumming we all fell into a pile on the bed. Munches face was all glazed up from eating Brown Eyes puss and her ass had cum dripping out of it. I thought the evening was over. I was tried and a little sore. But when Brown Eyes saw Munches butt had cum dripping from it she reached down and started to scoop it up with her fingers. Then she told Munch to open her mouth. She fed Munch the cum, which she licked up with zest. I could see that they wre going to play some more so I moved over to the corner of the bed to watch.


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