The Executive's Wife...  

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8/9/2006 12:25 am

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The Executive's Wife...

One of my favorite fantasies is:

I work for a large company and attend a party for the holiday season. At the party I see an amazingly sexy asian woman, who happens to be the wife of the VP of my division. While she is older than me, her smooth face, long hair, and dark brown eyes halt me in my tracks. He is well known to be completely arrogant jerk, so I am stunned that his wife is so lovely. Rather than his severe grimace her smile is warm and inviting, with a hint of shyness.

She is wearing a black evening gown. The gown has an elegant slit which reveals occasional glimpses of her amazing legs, the neckline draws my eyes to her moderate, yet mesmerizing breasts. The back of the dress reveals her slim waist and ample butt. I know in my mind I want nothing more than to gently lower a shoulder strap and suckle on one of the salmon colored
nipples while gently stroking and kneading her ass... before moving on to greater pleasures...

She is also wearing a pearl necklace which accentuates her sensual neck. I then imagine myself nibbling and gently biting it while her breathing grows heavier in my ears and she lets out soft moans, inviting me onward. I chuckle to
myself as I contemplate giving her a 'pearl necklace' of my own.

Knowing full well I'd be fired if her husband even got a hint of my interest I casually linger by the bar, subtly making eye contact with her. After a while she takes notice of my glances, and gives me an appraising look. After a moment
she gives me a subtle, coy smile, I silently thank myself for my devotion in the gym and give her a sly grin in return. I slightly nod in the direction of the restrooms and raise my eyebrow at her. Touching her husband's shoulder, and interupting his riveting story about his latest round of golf, she excuses herself and heads towards the ladies room...

[Should I bother continuing? I guess like a lot of younger guys, I think it'd be very interesting to be with an older women. For one there is the 'wisdom' that could be imparted, on the the other hand if women's sex drive does peak in the 40s... heh heh.]

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