Sixty-nine 69  

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7/12/2006 10:05 pm

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Sixty-nine 69

Sixty-nine (69)
A sexual position in which the genitals of both partners are orally stimulated at the same time.

Today I tried something new for me. I have always disliked it because of oral sex and me giving a blowjob. I did not complete a blowjob (the man cumming in my mouth) until I was 38 yrs old. I have gotten a little bit of practice in within the past 4 months.

It is that 69 thing. I just didn't get it. Why would you want to multi task with orgasms??? I want to lay back and enjoy giving and receiving. I don't want to have to concentrate on cumming and making someone else cum. What fun is that???

I decided that today was the day that I wanted to try it. So, do you think that I liked it? Was it too much to be stimulated and to stimulate someone else at the same time??? YES! YES! YES!
BUT, I still liked it!!! We both came so hard. Of course I came many times and he came one big time. It was incredible!!!

I get so wet giving a blowjob. I am not kidding when I say that I am soaked. I make wet spots on the bed, chair or whatever. I have my juices running down my legs. I don't understand how it gets me so wet and turned on. I like the feeling of having total control of my lover too. Knowing that what I am doing to him is making him feel so good. Making him cum so hard and controlling when he cums. To feel him throbbing in my mouth and then cum is just the most wonderful thing. I really did not know that I would like blowjobs so much. It is nothing like I ever thought that it would be!!!

We did the 69 thing. He let me be on top. I am not sure why, but I bet lying there is better than holding every body part at just the right level to give and receive. The blowjob was so much easier, everything just at the right angle. When it felt good, I could hold myself in just the right spot. I think that I like it and I will be trying it again!!!!

I know that he will cum looking for my blog tonight or tomorrow to read about us. He knows that I would not be able to try 69 without writing about it! So, yes ********** I did like it!!! I will want to do it again, but you get to be on top next time. He said that his neck was tired. Did I stay there too long? Wait, I came many times, I was waiting on him to cum. So if your neck is tired, too bad! You should have used a pillow!

Really darlin, it was wonderful and I truly enjoyed it and you! Thank you for making me cum so many times. I will be at the hotel at about
5 a.m. waiting on you!!! Just kidding, I am not a morning person! I will be sleeping until 6:30 and then rushing to work! But tomorrow night, watch out! I will be waiting on you!!!

lovescout 54M

7/13/2006 12:37 am

I glad you enjoy your frist 69 it my favorite postion. I just want to let you know it easier if the ladies on top. I always use a pillow when i 69. you can also lay on your side. I know i give hard organsiam when i am eating pussy or at least eat pussy frist. I can not wait for the next installment.

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