Over The River And Through The Woods  

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3/4/2006 11:01 am

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Over The River And Through The Woods

Last year I made two trips to Louisiana in the same day. My kids were on break from school. They wanted to go and visit my pregnant sister in Baton Rouge. We decided to meet half way in Shreveport. We left in the morning and made the trip safely. I returned from the trip tired from being in the car for 6 hours. I laid down for a nap. I was going to be childless for the entire week. I was going to go out for Thanksgiving dinner. Man, I was so looking forward to the week ahead.

When I woke up from my nap I received a phone call and they told me that my sister was headed to the hospital to have the baby. I stayed in bed and told them to call me after she was admitted to the hospital. I got another call about 30 minutes later. She was having the baby. I needed to hurry to Baton Rouge.

I had a bag packed and ready to go. I loaded up my car and was dreading the seven hour drive ahead. I stopped and got some drinks for the trip ahead. I was going to needed a lot of caffeine in order to drive all night to get to Baton Rouge. I really wanted to be there for the birth of my niece.

It was already dark when I left. In Texas the weather is mild when you least expect it. It was about 60 degrees. I was wearing a tee shirt and shorts. I knew that it was going to be a long drive. Before I even got outside of Dallas, I was rubbing myself through my shorts in order to feel good. It was dark, I was horny, and I had a really long ride ahead. About the time I got out of Dallas I pulled down my shorts and had them around my ankles. Within 20 miles I had my panties and shorts completely off and sitting in the seat next to me.

I was touching myself with one hand. Teasing my clit and making it swell. I was leaking cum all over my seat. I started fingering my pussy and it felt so good. I was soaking wet. I really had not tasted myself before this time. I smelled so good, I just had to taste. OMG! I tasted so good! I couldn’t believe that my cum tasted so good. I was about to cum by tasting me on my fingers. It was incredible!

I was driving down I 20 at about 65 mph with my fingers inside of me. I did get worried that if I came really hard, could I stay on the road? (I did make it there safely)
I touched myself, and came so many times that I lost count. About Shreveport, I had to stop for gasoline and a restroom break. I licked my fingers clean and filled up with gas. When I was in the ladies restroom there was a vending machine on the wall with condoms and lube. I spend a purse full of change on little packages of lube. I still had about 4 hours ahead of me. I thought that I might dry out a little bit with all of the touching that I was doing. I bought the strawberry and cherry flavors.
FYI- I did not use any of the lube. I stayed wet the entire way. I was dripping wet most of the time.

I started on my way to Baton Rouge. As soon as I got back on the road, I took off my shorts and panties and was on my way. On my second half of the trip I was still playing with myself. This time I got a blanket to sit on and that could be used to cover myself up if needed. I was really wet and needed my fingers inside of me. I put my left foot on the dash and was sliding my finger in and out of my pussy. I had cum running down my ass. I was cumming all over my fingers and hand. God, I could have used a big hard cock right then, or at least a toy. I needed something to fill me up, something big and hard.

There were two truck drivers that were cruising along with me. I had picked up my speed to about 75 mph. The trucks drivers could see inside of my car. They were getting a show from me. They couldn’t exactly see everything, just my hand between my legs and nothing on from the waist down. I gave them a show; they drove almost all of the way to Baton Rouge with me. I know that they could not believe that I was playing with myself for so long. Both of them motioned for me to exit. I am not crazy, I was not pulling over for them. I had enough gas to get me the rest of the way to Baton Rouge.

I made the 7 hour drive in 6 hours with those truck drivers watching me and my speed. I was ever so grateful that they kept me from getting a ticket for speeding. The guys slowed me down every time that there was a cop on the highway. I know that they enjoyed the show. I got some horn blowing and waving when we went our separate ways. I lost count on how many times I came. I had the time of my life on that trip.

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
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3/4/2006 11:33 am

now i am all wet!

Purry {=}


penguinluvr 58M
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3/7/2006 7:41 pm

Dang Roxie, I was on the road to Baton Rouge that week. you coulda killt me! (grins)Glad you are feeling better.

AtomicKisss 58M

3/12/2006 4:29 am


Wow, what a great story and presentation style. The only thing that shadows your ability to write a great story is the story itself! Thanks for checking out our profile, if you had not, we never would have found this wonderful blog!

69lover12005 42M/40F

3/21/2006 4:18 pm

WoW, my mental picture is all wet!!!!!!

It's amazing how the urge will take over on a stretch of road. My wife and I were returning from a trip to Arkansas and took advantage of I-30 and a dusk evening,,she was driving and i began to rub her warm pussy through her shorts, as i stroked myself,,,she obliged me by spreading her legs and pushed my pants to my ankles, exposing my hard cock for her,,,,the precum was already beading up at the tip as she watched me stroke it from top to bottom.....i then took her shorts off and exposed her pink lips covering her wetness,,,,it was incredibly arousing, riding and stroking myself as I finger fucked her hot pussy and pinched her clit,,,,the look of lust and pleasure on her face,,her hips grinding and pushing my fingers further into her pussy,,cars passing on occassion, unknowing we would soon cum...I was the one devouring her pussy cum,,,,licking my fingers and putting them back between her swolen lips,,,wetting my other hand from time to time, using her cum around my throbbing cock,,,,licking my own hand and returning to stroke myself and needing to cum, but enjoying the flow of it all,,,her right tit now exposed for me to see as she pulled her nipple,,,oh the pure uninhibited feeling as we continued down the road, entering city limits and never faltering or reaching for cover as i began to cummmmmmm, then before the last bit of cumm covered my fingers, she began to cummmmm,, legs tightening as her pussy surged around my fingers,,,,ohhh what fine lustful moments,,,,,,,"hey babe,that's our exit"...."ohhh,,,,yeah".

A roadtrip seems to be in order, how 'bout it Roxie?

rm_ma454mike 52M
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12/2/2006 8:01 pm

I was wondering why you didn't consider lifting you top for the truckers? That would have been even better.

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