Same planet.Different worlds.  

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6/9/2005 9:32 pm

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Same planet.Different worlds.

So tonight on my way to work on the fabulous NYC Transit system,I sit down on the subway and there is an older woman sitting near me.Late fifties or early sixties. She keeps staring over at this much younger woman who is asleep. The older woman seems a little nervous. At the next stop, an Indian woman gets on. She has on headphones and is listening to her Ipod. The older woman stops her, gets her to take off her earphones and asks her about changing trains at 42nd street. The Indian woman nicely tells her what she thinks she knows, and says she is sorry but she is getting off way before 42nd street. She looks to me for an answer. The older woman looks at me nervously and tries to end the conversation. One stop later the older woman tries to ask the younger woman another question. This time the nice Indian woman actually asks me the question she was being asked. Then the older woman relaxes a little and lets us both know it's her first ever subway trip. To end the set-up for this entry: I help her get where she has to go. I give her credit. Her first subway ride involved three boroughs and a transfer at 42nd at evening rush hour.

I am guessing from her dress and accent, as well as her behavior, she was a muslim. Why is this important? Because she was not comfortable asking a strange man for help when she was by herself. Her son had given her directions and I guess she just went. Nothing written. No maps.

In our society these days, women interact with men on a daily basis. On this website, they do all sorts of wierd ass shit. I think it shows how much of a gap there is between the older, more conservative cultures and our relatively new one. At about 5:30 pm one woman is struggling with her first subway ride. She didn't think it proper to ask a man for help. Once another woman intervened though, it was okay. At midnight I am online with women that will not only ask a man for directions, but give him directions how and where they want him to go.And I'm not talking about 79th strret in Brooklyn.

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