I sometimes wonder what "real" is  

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6/7/2005 7:31 am

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I sometimes wonder what "real" is

If someone searches for people using the tools given to us by our good friends at ( I made a joke about initializing AdultFriendFinder and apparently the website won't let me. How funny is THAT?!),it's actually amazing how many possible matches come up. If my profile is read, people will know I am married, what I am looking for and why, and a little about me. And sure enough, when that info is fed into the magical database, people similar to me pop up.But the variations on what I think is a pretty simple theme are so many that in reality, maybe one or two people really "fit". Or at least I think we fit. Then there is the chasm between my reality of what fits and the person on the other end of cyberspace. Given that, it's amazing anyone connects at all.

I keep going back to the issues people have with privacy and the ability to actually get the truth from prospective partners. The ability to "meet" so many people is unparalleled in our history. Yet it seems people either use this opportunity to either make some money or fufill a fantasy in such a way that alienates people to the point of paranoia. Wouldn't it be awesome if when you saw a photo it was assumed that reaaly was the person in question? I find myself discounting photos of people that I think are too pretty. When I actually see the kind of person I think to be an ideal fit I immediately assume something must be up. Yet I joined this site for just that purpose. And deep down I still believe there is a "real" person out there to connect to. Even if I have to wade through a sea of all the other stuff to do it. It's just too bad that's the way we built this cool world wide web. But I guess that's the way it's always been. Caveat emptor.

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