rm_RockHRD99 36M
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12/25/2005 10:34 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Trying to find out why this thing doesn't work. Is it me? I write people and no one replies. I know that some people say that there are a lot of fake people on here but I didn't think that it was that many. Anyways if you have an advice let me know, that would be great. Thanks.

rm_jackie40503 70T
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12/26/2005 3:44 am


My best advice for you is to go to the archives for the advice column and look at the answers to all those who have asked this question before.


rm_RockHRD99 36M

1/16/2006 7:09 pm

Well I did that and read quite a few articles. But so far I have tried using some of the methods they suggested. Then tried e-mailing more women and still to no avail. I truly am starting to think that there are way too many fakes on here and really thinking about ending my membership. Anybody else have ANY ideas?! All ideas are welcome and will be considered.

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