Why black guys prefer white girls?  

rm_Roanna 31F
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2/2/2006 8:53 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why black guys prefer white girls?

Greetings, I'm in Marigot! I have a minute for my friends. What can I tell? I think, it is time to tell about the Christmas orgy…
Me and my friends met Christmas in a bungalow on a beach. Three girls and three guys - six happy people. We drank much and listened to music. Meal and snack was a little - basically chips and soda. When we have drunk enough my white girlfriend Barbara, has told: " Well, let's have fun now! Roanna, do you like role game? "
"Yes, - I have answered ‒ And you know it.”
" I know one christmas sex-game, - she continued. - all remove the clothes! "
We have undressed and stood naked as children.
" Well... And now put on it! - Barbara has got red caps decorated by white fur, tiny deer horns and multi-coloured ribbons. - you, guys, put on caps, will be christmas elf! And we with girls shall be deers... "
I have fastened pair horns, have fastened a blue tape on a neck and have looked at myself in a mirror. Not bad. Not Bambe, but it is similar to deer Santa presented as Christmas Gift to the boy, who wanted sex. I have not a much time to seen my new image in a mirror as behind me already someone was attached, and I have felt an elastic member between my buttocks...

" Only one rule guys, - Barbara has told. ‒ you can do with us all everything, but only keep for the caps. If who will lose his cap, he will be expelled from our party - unconditionally ".
We start the Fire, but soon Tom has lost his cap, and I having left my black elf (while he finished on girls risen before him on knees), and have thrown out Tom from the house outside.
The naked, black Thomas who has dissolved in night, was desperately knocked, and asked to let him back. I have thrown out his clothes and boots in a window and then he gone.
The remained black boys, have strong got down to business, but that they did not get up, one hand they is tenacious kept for his caps. They were afraid to break game rules and to repeat destiny of Tom.
And just my luck - the remained guys completely have taken a great interest in my white girlfriends, and soon not looking on all my diligence, have forgotten about me. Here a question - why black guys so love white girls?
Both my girlfriends have retired with black elves and I listened to their languid and passionate groans reached of different dark corners, then drank and watched TV until blackout. I was unique Santa’s deer who was unwanted that magic night... That was my XXX-mas day's orgy - so I celebrated Christmas. How you celebrated Christmas? Was cheerfully, extremely or boringly?
I personally think, that 2+2+ 1 = is bad combination for partners on sex. If someone has a positive experience - tell.

HotLatinFranco 37M
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2/6/2006 12:16 am

Well Roanna, I see no one else was willing to touch your question with a 10 foot pole, No? It's difficult to discuss any sort of racial issues on the blog of a sex website, but it's important because it affects all aspects of society including how and with whom we have sex. People often percieve "the other" as exotic or forbidden fruit and therefore more appealing even though in reality the two may not compare equally or even be able to stack up against one another.

Since, I'm not a "black guy" per se (I am 1/16 Afro-Latino though-Colombians are very mixed)...so I can't directly answer your question. But I will say that any red-blooded-male who passes up on making sweet passionate love or just dirty sex to a woman with the likes of you makes him a complete and utterly stupid imbecile, no matter what race/ ethinicity to which he may belong.

You are young, brilliant and simply fucking gorgeous. A woman with that much TALENT should never be spending Christmas alone. Shame on those foolish elves.

Hoping your next group fantasies in this new year will have your wishes fulfilled. (Preferably with mois included.)


rm_Roanna 31F
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2/9/2006 1:21 am

Franco, desire of my heart - my beautiful treasure! You don’t know how I’m alone here in deep storm sea, under gray sky... I wanna keep my eyes on you always. Maybe it’s naive, but I would like to be your Queen of Diamonds... And what kind of cards you ready become for me in our gamble? King or Jack? More than I, or less?

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