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God damn! I don't like it very much! I know all about warriors and princesses and Lucy is not such! She such amazon like Saddam H. - cheerleader! She’s fat ‒ not athletic! She's not Blondie, not fight like real cool girl, and not talk like real battle angel! And I saw cool girls too much and she is not such! And all TV-series are big FAKE! It's Anti-Adventure, Anti-War, Anti-Sex, and Anti-Greek big Fake. "Xena" Give us XX.
There was good original idea (the deeds of mighty warrioress), but bad screen play, dialogs, main texts, all episodes and very bad casting! I can talk about it to much but enough! It’s pain - cause I really want to see some good action about ancient times...(something like RED SONJA or DEATHSTALKER) but in TV-series.

I like good, old and light movies. Without god damned modern morale and same boring things.
I want see pure action - mighty men and women who fighting for gold and glory looking for some love adventures and treasures in deserts and jungle... And ancient gods who play by rules in their eternal games with mortals. That’s what I want to see. Nothing more! Nothing else! Only pure action and love romantic fantasy!

From modern TV-series I like just one:
FAST LINE... (The Cop story. TIFFANI AMBER THIESSEN staring in it and all bad girls there ‒ are great!)


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