Roanna's Erotic Story  

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Roanna's Erotic Story

Thanks for all reader like you bigsteve & zippit22
that is continue...
When we were through, I began to implement my scheme.
"Well, it's time... Go to beach! Remove ours clothes and we go to water..."
I stood up, and feigning a slip, stumbled against the desk,
falling to the floor. As expected, Jim jumped to my assistance.
"It's my right leg. I think it's just a cramp in the calf,
"I told him, "but I don't know if I can walk to beach now."
"Here, miss," he offered courteously, "let me help you over to the sofa."

I leaned heavily against him, making sure that my breast
pressed warmly against his arm. I couple of phony limping
steps and I fell back onto the couch, my skirt "accidentally"
sliding up my thighs.

"You've played sports in school, haven't you, Jim," I asked.
"Sure," he answered. "Football and free-style wrestling."
"Well, you must have seen all sorts of injuries," I continued.
"Maybe you could take a look at my leg. Just to see if it's anything serious."
"Sure, Miss," he replied, kneeling in front of me.

Tenderly, his fingers touched my right calf, caressing the
strong muscles through the sheer nylon of my stocking. Slowly,
I let my knees swing apart, giving Jim a clear view all the
way to my black panties. Seconds later, as he lightly massaged
my calf,I saw him peeking up my skirt.

"Do you think my leg's all right?" I asked.
"I don't think it's anything serious, Miss," he said,
taking another peek.
"Jim!" I said sternly. "What are you looking at?"
"N.n.nothing," he stammered.
"You were looking up my skirt," I said with mock
anger, "weren't you?"
Jim said nothing. He just looked down at the floor.
"Would you like a better look?" I asked, my voice like melting butter.

I didn't wait for an answer. I stood up, my tingling love
grotto just inches from Jim's head. I stood there, with my
feet wide apart, my ankles flexed on my high heeled shoes.
Bending down, I slowly pulled up my skirt, raising the hem to
my waist. Jim simply stared. I don't think he'd ever seen a
girl wearing a garter belt and stockings.

"I think these stockings make my legs and ankles look really
sexy," I said, boldly turning around so he could see me from
all angles. "Don't you think so?" I asked.
"Oh, Miss!" Jim gasped, ogling my stocking-sheathed legs.
"I love the way they make my thighs feel," I told him,
sliding my hands over the glistening nylon covering my legs.
"M..Miss," Jim stammered, getting to his feet and backing away.
"I don't think we should be doing this. I don't want to get into any trouble."
"Don't worry, Jim," I purred reassuringly. I walked toward
him, my stockings sizzling as I did. Jim just stood there,
unable to move. I dropped my skirt, moving my hand boldly to
my pupil's inner thigh, skimming lightly, appraisingly, over
the solid pouch between his legs. My finger tips traced the
warm, rigid length of his masculinity, making Jim tremble.
"You.... uh.... shouldn't be doing that, Miss," he said half heartedly.
"It's O.K. Jim. Why don't you take your clothes off for me,"
I whispered hoarsely, my hand between his thighs.

Jim had no idea what to do, so he slowly began stripping
himself, shirt first, then pants. I could see his self-consciousness
as he dropped his pants, his penis standing out in full naked erection,
a long, thick pole of throbbing flesh and blood. We stared into each other's eyes.
I reached down and took his hands, and placed them on my breasts.
Hesitantly, he began to knead my flesh through my blouse and bra.
I unbuttoned my top slowly, moaning a little as I slipped
the fabric over my skin. I reached around and unhooked my bra,
uncovering my large, firm breasts. The nipples were an angry
dark, swollen, hard.
Then I undid the button at the waist of my skirt, slowly
unzipped the side, and then turned around, my back to Jim. I
lowered my skirt over my buns and bent over to remove it
completely. When I stood backup, I was naked except for my
panties, my stockings,and my high heeled shoes. Before he knew
what was happening, I was examining Jim's spectacular young
peter. His cock was standing straight up and I began to slide
my finger tips along the shaft, touching the soft skin.
At the same time, I reached between his beefy thighs and palmed his balls.
I'd only been touching him for a minute or two when he started
to breathe exceptionally deep and fast.
"Oh, Jesus," I heard him grunt.
"I can't hold back any longer. It's just too much. I'm going to come!"

For a moment, I looked fondly at the contorted expression
on his face, then his virile prick was jerking wildly in my hand.
I felt Jim's thick hot semen spurting all over my fingers.

"Oh, my God! Look at it, Jim! God, you're coming so much,"I
gasped. Running my fist up and down his spewing cock fast and
hard, I pumped even more of his semen from his virile young
body,until he begged me to stop. Happily, I licked my fingers,
devouring every last drop of his fluid. Then I guided Jim's
hand to my groin. Instinctively, he slipped his hand inside my
panties and quickly located my moist opening.

"That feels so good!" I exhaled as he slowly probed my
lustful sex tunnel.

He began to slide his middle finger in and out, and I loved
the stimulation. He soon had two fingers, then three buried
deep inside my horny cunt. I bit my lower lip every time I
felt my orgasm flaring up. Several times I was on the verge of
coming, and held back, but then I lost control. My body
exploded in orgasm as I screamed with satisfied lust. "Oh
baby, do it to my pussy! Push your hand all the way inside me.
I'm coming! Please! Don't stop!"

I had three quick, shattering orgasms in a row, and I felt
like I was going to pass out. I practically fell over, and
when I finally stopped shaking, and turned to Jim and kissed
him lightly on the cheek. Silently, I had him lie down on his
back on the thickly carpeted floor. I slid my damp panties
down my legs and off, then knelt next to Jim on the floor.

Jim's phallus drooped lazily to the left, showing no sign
of the size and vigor it had only minutes before. I reached
over and lightly caressed his spongy penis with the finger
tips of my right hand. He jumped the instant my fingers made
contact with his resting organ.

He spread his thighs, and I reached for his hanging love
spheres. The tips of my fingers barely touched his gonads when
I heard Jim gasp. I felt his balls writhe against my finger
tips, as I repeatedly brushed at them. My eyes burned as I
watched his penis begin to straighten and elongate.

I curled my fingers around, real slow and easy, tantalizing him.
Virility was pumping back into his shaft, bringing back his
raging erection, if anything more awesome than before.
Jim trembled and moaned as I massaged his growing organ.

Lowering my head to his groin, I exhaled hotly as I lay the
tip of his manhood on my lower lip, extending my tongue so
that I could tease the small little hole into giving me its
pearl. "Oh, my God!" he moaned. "Oh, my God!"

I let my tongue travel in tiny circles, teasingly,
gradually centering in on his most sensitive spot. And when I
got to that tender ridge, Jim just stopped breathing, and his
entire body tightened up. Opening my mouth a little more, I
took his whole length in my mouth. Right down to his hairy

I closed my lips around the base and held absolutely still
for just a second as a chill ran down my spine. I rubbed my
thighs together, massaging my burning pussy, nearly climaxing
again from the excitement.

Jim enlarged rapidly inside my warm sucking mouth until he
was pushing against the back of my throat. I began to gag, and
I had to withdraw, letting his now turgid spire slide
gradually from my lips.

Slowly, shakily, I stood up, straddling Jim's flat,powerful
hips with my widely spread feet. From a position towering
above his reclining body, I squatted down and grasped his
pulsing cock in my hands, guiding it to my pussy. I held my
cunt above him just an instant, rubbing the head of his cock
between the shaved lips of my pussy. And then I pushed

He entered my cunt very, very slowly, filling me with his
hardness, stretching the already lubricated walls of my pussy.
I sat erect on his belly, my head thrown back, my spine in
inverted curve, and I could feel his hardness slipping up into
my body. I could feel the head of his cock throbbing against
the sticky passageway.

He was like a long thick fire being swallowed by my body,
along thick hardness moving deeper and deeper up my cunt. I
pushed all the way down, as hard as I could, and I found
myself sitting on his lap. His cock, that powerful, merciless
shaft was buried to the hilt inside my cunt.

I began to ride him. I say I rode him because he did
nothing but lie there under me, his penis standing straight up
like a deeply rooted tree. Gingerly, balancing on my steep
heels, I put my hands on my knees and began to raise and lower
my pelvis. I was literally doing deep-knee bends. And Jim was
sliding all the way in, and almost all the way out of me as I
moved up and down.

I flexed my hips again and again, up and down, an orgasm
building like a crescendo between our bodies. When the energy
was screaming, shrilling throughout my body, when it could be
denied no further by either of us, I quickly disengaged and
turned my body around. I pushed my pussy lips into his face.
Jim had no idea how to respond, but he instinctively began to
lap at my tender flesh. His tongue stabbed forward, rasping
over my clitoris. What he lacked in experience, he made up
with enthusiasm. He licked me from clit to cunt-hole, driving
himself up into my body as our orgasms exploded.

At the same time, I closed my lips around his cock as he
began to ejaculate. His thick hot sperm splattered into my
mouth and I swallowed every drop of it, swirling my tongue
across the head of his cock. "Miss..." he whispered "You have
the nicest teeth I have ever come across!".
"Miss?" I replayed. "I am just Roanna, from beach Roso..."
"I know, but soon I back to Africa and never see you again.
And always I will remember this summer and you as my beautiful Miss Dominica...
I loved the way that you sucked my bolt. Please, do it again."
"Come on, stallion! Give it to me... Put your hand on my head and push..."

the end

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Very impressive, perhaps we too can have our own "rodeo"? You can ride me any day of the week. yee-haw!

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WOW-thanks for the directions to your place.


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Always you wellcome, ARMYMAN!

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