Animal Scare: Nothing But Craziness  

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7/28/2006 11:46 pm
Animal Scare: Nothing But Craziness

Let me start by saying this: I'm an animal lover. I have quite the number of pets, and even if I don't claim ownership, I do love, care for, and cherish them like my own. Today, three of them had/have something that makes them odd, in some way.

A rundown of the pets we have: Three horses, two quarerhorses and an Arab (all geldings, mares and stallions aren't worht the hassle); three dogs, two of whom are mutts (ask me about their breeds, ald I'll clue you in); and two birds (both African greys.) I do like cats, but my mother's allergic, so I haven't had one in years. A downside of living close to parents.

The first oddity is medical. The Arab horse has what looks like an infection (I wasn't present when the vet gave his prognosis) and it is contagious. He has what looks like a bubble under his eyelid, and the side of his face is covered in caked pus. Don't ask why he's got the long face.

The second oddity involves a puppy, and his appointment against his reproductive tract with a vet. Snip, snip! I am so glad I wasn't the one to take him in to his vet for the operation!

Finally, we come across the real shocker. One of the birds is a female, the other male. When I was doing the dishes, the bird is wheezing. I thought, Poor bird, she's sick! Boy, was I wrong, and a good thing, too! About a minute, and a thud later (Dear God, she died and fell off her perch!)
I turn around and see an egg.

She's laying eggs. Unfertile, seeing as how the male is caged up twenty feet away, but there it was. Freshly laid.

Off to the books I go, and I am relieved that her laying an egg is normal.

OK, enough with the boring life. When can I start the fun life?

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