Well All Right Then Merry Frelling Christmas  

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12/19/2005 10:09 am

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Well All Right Then Merry Frelling Christmas

Okay folks. I may be in many ways a pervert but this blog is not that level. I'm going to be good today. Because today it's time for holiday gatherings. And getting in the christmas mode. For me nothing does that better than movies. What is your favorite "December Holiday" Movie?

My favorite would have to be Scrooged. Bill Murray in a role he was born to play, Ebenezeer Scrooge of the 1980's. Plus a great supporting cast including Buster Poindexter (anyone remember him?) and Bobcat Goldthwait in the Cratchet role.

Of course up there is for you anime fans the Ranma 1/2 Christmas OAV. Every named character from the series run shows up for a massive christmas party as the main couple Ranma and Akane seek to enjoy having each other at christmas without having to admit to themselves or each other that is all they really want. (for those that dont' know that's the joke of the series. These two are too stubborn to ever say I love you even though EVERYONE knows it)

So grab your friends and family. Get your VCR/DVD player ready and have a candy cane on me. Even if just for two hours forget the presents and the baking and the decorating. No matter what the festive celebration chilling with your loved ones and busting out the goofy grins is what the holiday is about.

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