The Plan is revealed  

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10/6/2005 7:47 am

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The Plan is revealed

Samuel woke up and immediately sensed something amiss. He knew it was Saturday. Yet usually when he woke up on Saturday his wife Amy would be besides him still sleeping and he could hear his five-year old daughter watching cartoons in the living room. Yet no tv noise. Turning his head he verified. No wife. Then relief entered his mind. Their daughter Cindy was at her grandmother's for the weekend. Duh. But what about his wife?

Samuel: Amy? Amy.

As if on cue she emerged from their closet a silk bathrobe draped around her. Smiling at him she slid back onto the bed and kissed him.

Amy: Sorry love. Just had to take care of something.

Samuel: What?

Amy responded by kissing her husband passionately. Soon they were making out as she moved so she was on top of her husband. So into the moment Samuel didn't realize that his wife had grabbed his hands and slid them over his head against the headboard. Finally as he felt something cool and metallic touch one of his hands he looked up just in time to see the both hands locked into a set of handcuffs meaning he was pinned to the bed.

Samuel: What the hell?

Amy: Quiet slave. I planned this all week. Letting your mother take Cindy for the weekend. Wearing you out last night with that "same old sex". Now you are mine.

Samuel: Amy.......what's gotten into you?

Amy: Not another word slave or I'll have to gag you.

Amy smiled to herself as Samuel quieted down. Easing the sheets off the bed she smirked as his naked body was exposed. She noted his already very hard erection as she slowly slid her nails down his chest eliciting a hiss of pain out of him.

Amy: Something to say slave?

Samuel shook his head no. He had talked with his wife before about her being more dominate in bed. But nothing like this. She sure took that last conversation to heart. Moaning as she continued the play by pinching his nipples as her lips began working their way down his chest and stomach. Stopping just short of his penis she smiled up at him.

Amy: I beat the slave would like me to suck his dick. I beat he would cum right in my mouth if I did that......Too bad. Although I am ready for something else.

With that Amy shifted position. Samuel immediately knew what she was doing. He saw the robe part so she could mount him. Both moaned as his fully erect member slid into her wet pussy and she started a slow rhythm. Samuel frowned a bit as he realized the most subtle of tortures was beginning. Her robe was still on and thus he couldnt' see a thing. The penetration or her body. Closing his eyes he lost himself in the feeling and sounds of moaning the couple were emitting. Finally as the rhythm increased and the headboard began bouncing he felt it.

Samuel: I'm cumming.

Amy: Silence sla..

However the rest was lost as she was on the edge too. Both hit their orgasam within seconds of each other and afterwards Amy collapsed on the bed next to her husband.

Amy: Enjoy. That was just the beginning slave.

Samuel: Whatever you desire mistress.

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