The Hunt Part 2  

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The Hunt Part 2

I sat by the campfire watching. It had been just over 24 hours since my "capture". And just as Luna promised I watched as she "took good care" of my Suzie. The sight of the woman I desired in the arms of someone who had always treated me less than kind was maddening. Still as I sat there handcuffed and looking up at the moon I knew that all hope wasn't lost. Suzie clearly was not fully supporting my lack of participation. Sure enough I saw her sit down next to me as Luna was out for a stroll.

Suzie: I'm sorry Randy. It's just I've known her for years and she has always kinda been leading me. I didn't mean for it to go like this.

Randy: It's okay. I figured that. Just uncuff me and we can take care of this.

Suzie: Luna will be mad.

Randy: Frankly put I don't care. I want you Suzie. You know I've loved you for a while. I have learned. You are not weaker.

Suzie smiled as leaned in to kiss me. I smiled as our lips locked and I felt her warm tounge slip into my mouth. Soon our naked bodies pressed against each other prompting my dick to get rock hard. As she slid her hands behind me I felt freedom as the handcuffs fell off. Smiling I embraced her properly.

Suzie: Wait......First. Luna. She is letting this go to her head. I need to make sure she doesn't

Luna: Doesn't what. Freak out. Keep you from making the biggest mistake of your life. Men are scum and need to be broken.

We both turned and looked at the woman now standing beside us. Her anger seemed to be reflected in the crackling fire.

Randy: You know what I think? I think you just need a good old-fashined orgasm. When was the last time a man ever got you off?

Luna: Like some selfish man would ever be concerned about my pleasure.

Suzie: Give him a chance.

Luna looks at both of us with a sneer as if refusing to believe we are serious. Finally she sits down next to me. I smile at Suzie who scoots back to give me space. I gently kiss Luna feeling the tension in her body as her mind fights the idea of wanting me. Soon I feel her start to loosen. As I kiss her neck she begins to warm to my touch. I smirk as my tounge flicks across her nipples both hard before I even touched them.

Luna: Ohhhh....I've...had better.

Randy: Really?

I take her challenge contuning to tease her breasts as my fingers slide down between her legs. As her legs part I realize her words are now complete bs. Animalistic instincts are always more fun. I beging fingering her pussy as Luna moans out loud. Behind me I hear Suzie whimpering as she gets turned on by our play but resisting her own urges.

Suzie: I think she is starting to change her mind.

Neither Luna nor I answer as we are both lost in our physical desires. Soon Luna reaches down and grabbing my dick slides it in. Smiling I know she is ready and begin to slide into her slowly at first then increasing in speed. I groan as Luna wraps her legs around me driving my shaft deeper inside her.


Smiling I pull out as her body gives out the sweat visible in the fire light.

Randy: There. I still don't like you. But you climaxed. Ready to quit playing miltant man-hater?

Luna: I'm...sorry...I was wrong. I guess there is a reason why I still wanted to screw guys even though I hated them.

Suzie: Got to trust your nature. Don't fight it.

Luna smiled and seeing my erection still there crawled over and swallowed the whole length of it.

Randy: Mmmm. Yeah. Just like that.

A minute later I came and Luna stood up smiling at me for the first time since I met her over a year ago.

Luna: I still think Suzie can do better than you. But maybe I can learn to quit thinking so much.

Randy: True sometimes we need to just give into our base desires.

Suzie: Speaking of which is it finally my turn.

Without waiting for an answer Suzie shoves me to the ground and begins to kiss me passionately. Luna laughs before slipping into her tent to give us some privacy.

ArmorMonadCharm 44F

11/7/2005 2:55 pm

great idea for a story, however you need to make it more story like, and less play like.
Add more details, such as thoughts, feelings, use the five senses.
Write the story from the perspective of one person, not all the characters.

See my blog entries,
"Doctor Daddy"
"In The Woods"
for examples of how good erotica should be written.
(you will have to scroll down some since my entires are a bit long, but very worth it I will promise you.)

As writing erotica is a hobby of mine, and i've earned quite a few compliments on my writing.


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