The Hunt Part 1  

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11/6/2005 2:46 pm

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The Hunt Part 1

I stalk through the night, the trees finding providing me cover as I follow the trail. Finally I spot my prey. Bending over at a stream. Thirsty after walking for so long. I watch for a moment waiting for the perfect moment to move. Then as I see her stand up I make my move. Crossing the gap of several feet she never knows until it is too late and my hands are around her body pressing our naked flesh together.

Suzie: I was wondering how long you could resist the urge. Our game has been going on for hours.

Randy: And the patient hunter gets the prey.

Suzie: Oh you think the game is over and you can claim my body now?

Randy: Actually yes.

To prove my point I slide a finger into her pussy, fingering it enjoying watching her body respond to it. Animalistic instincts always provide more fun than human rationale.

Suzie: will get worse for you if you don't.

Randy: How is that?

I never saw it coming. Too wrapped up in Suzie's luscious body and pleasuring it. But I felt the hands yanking me back. Tossing me to the ground. I looked up and saw her. Suzie's room mate.

Randy: witch. This is a private party.

Luna responded by driving a foot to my gut. Although she was naked as well there was nothing erotic about it. The woman was simply too cruel. From her bag Suzie pulled out a pair of handcuffs and a leash and despite putting up an effort of fight back I was caught. Forced to my feet I looked at the two grinning girls.

Luna: Hey this was all your idea Randy. A little battle of the sexes with a natural twist. Love the woods and no clothes rule.

Randy: No one invited you witch!

Suzie: Actually I did. You said that I could defend myself however I wished as long as it didn't involve weapons. Just restraints. Now you belong to us all weekend.

Luna: Yep. I'm going to make you watch as I have my way with her all weekend long.

Randy: Suzie please. I thought this was going to be our weekend.

Suzie: I know Randy. But it's just that before we truly hook up I want you to understand we are equals. And since you created this weekend.

Luna: Don't be like that Randy. I'll take good care of her. You will see.

To emphasize her point Luna got on her knees and began eating out Suzie. I watched in jealous anger as this invader had her way with the woman I have been yearning for for over a year. I turned my head away as Suzie came Luna licking her lips as she stared at me. Before this weekend is done I will get her back.

faery_killer 30F

11/7/2005 9:17 am

*sigh* You're amazing.

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