Super Sexy?  

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8/15/2006 5:34 pm
Super Sexy?

time for a sit down and listen post folks. but it's all good cause it's still sexual.

I read a lot of comic books. Mostly X-Men but I have archives of now ended comics. For instance Teen Titans. Yeah I am sure some of you know the cartoon but that cartoon is based off an 80's comic book. And the chars were a few years older so there was titties on those females. In fact the alien Starfire was not only well-endowed but wore a somewhat skimpy outfit. Of course that was the running joke. Watching everyone including her team-mates drool over her. And miss "on my world everyone dresses like this" didn't get it at all.

Then we have things like X-Men. In the early 90's there was a brief but memorable storyline in which psylocke tried her damnedest to get teammate cyclops in bed. Which included her getting wet in a pond and making sure to emerge right in front of the poor man. See it sucked for him because Cyclops much like the movies was very involved with Jean Grey. And she wasn't happy. But things resolved without bloodshed.

And here is my point. Yes there is much criticism from certain people in this country that women in super-hero comic books are portrayed as eye candy and that it's all subtle adolescent behavior. Objectifying woman and all that. Here is my two cents as a long-time reader. There are certain times where yes the "fan service" is unwanted and blatant. And yes at times there is too much of it. But let's face it. The best comics mirror reality. Present real human beings with real problems and feelings who just happen to be able to fly or toss energy bolts. And part of that means having BOTH genders (funny how the guys with chisled abs and skin-tight outfits rarely get mentioned in protests) having members who are physically attractive. Having these people feel sexual desire towards each other. As long as the visuals are kept to a minimum and there is an intriguing story-line reason for this then folks embrace the muscular guys in their undies and women with a nice rack and a fine ass. After all sex is natural and so is our interest in it. We just have to keep the style going and not let everything break down to porn

In closing as one song put it
"Gimme gimme gimme your love
Gimme gimme gimme your heart
Gimme gimme gimme your passion baby
Let your body take part"

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