Stealing Sex  

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Stealing Sex

NOTE: I know technically it's Wednesday but things got weird today. Forgive the half hour lateness

Kathryn smiled as she slid through the open window making sure not to step on anything or make any extra noise. It had taken a week to get a handle on when her neighbor Tom left his apartment. So clad all in black with mask and gloves the teenager turned on her flashlight and opened her bookbag. Making her way silently through the bedroom she found the living room and the shelves of movies lining the walls. Sure enough the rumors were true. "Adult Entertainment" of all kinds. Grabbing several titles off the shelf Kathryn set them in the bag but as soon as she went for the zipper all the lights in the house suddenly turned on. Freezing in place she dropped the bag and silently cursed.

Voice: You know the black clothing camaflouge thing doesn't work once the darkness goes away. Take off the mask and turn around. Slowly.

Kathryn does as she is told her eyes filled with fear as she looks into the eyes of the dwelling's owner.

Tom: I know you. Downstairs and one over. Does your mother know what you are doing?

Kat: No sir. Please don't tell her. Or call the cops. This is not what it looks like.

Tom: That is quite a claim. Then tell me.

Kat: I need money bad. My mom doesn't realize I know she is going nuts trying to cover the bills. Her new job doesn't pay as well and the phone bill is so high because of me. Not to mention the credit cards. And I want to make it right so.....

Tom: You needed quick cash?

Kat nodded yes as she stared at the bag unable to met the man's gaze.

Tom: So finish the thought if you please. Decided to take up burglary?

Kat: I know some boys at school who said they would pay for "special" movies. I knew everyone says you had a bunch.

Tom walks over and places his hand on her shoulder. Kathryn stiffens a moment but relaxes when there is no pain coming.

Tom: Stealing is wrong young lady. Though I can't fault some of this. I'll make you a deal. You get a legitimate job and I can see to letting you get away with this. JUST ONCE. But you have to work off the cost of the movies.

Kat: I'll do anything. Really. Clean this place up. Cook you meals. What's that look for?

Tom: The punishment should fit the crime. Don't you agree Kitty?

Kathryn nods slowly not mentioning that no one calls her Kitty. She kind of liked it and felt a thrill as she saw him open a drawer and begin digging for something.

Tom: You better be stripping young lady or you will never get out of here.

Kathryn pulled her clothes off quickly the black shirt and pants falling in a pile with the mask and gloves. Seeing Tom glare over at her Kat gave up her white panties now nude and fully exposed. And loving it. Tom smiles and walking over places a leather collar over her neck careful so as not to hurt her but making it nice and tight.

Tom: You are my pet now. My pretty Kitty.

Kat: Master?

Tom: Very good. Now let's play.

As Tom speaks he begins to run his hands over her body starting with her arms and moving to her back. Kathryn begins to relax as he slowly explores her body moving down to rub her legs letting her shiver in anticipation and guilty pleasure. This guy was several years older than her. But damn he was handsome. And so loving. Finally he reaches her chest and Kat lets out a gasp as his finger tips begin to tickle her breasts.

Kat: Uhhh...M-M-Master...Please.

Tom: Does my Kitty like her master's petting?

Tom smiles as he begins rubbing her small breasts his whole hand covering them and then he takes his thumb and forefinger. Carefully pinching and teasing her nipples until they are fully erect as his body keeps her arms raised up and thus she is unable to do anything but be driven wild.

Kat: Uhhhhh...Stop. I'm so wet. I need to touch myself.

Tom: Nope. But if you want to finish things so soon okay.

With that Tom slides one hand down between her legs and Kathryn cries out loud as he slips one finger inside her moist pussy slowly but expertly pushing in and out.

Tom: Oh god. You are so tight Kitty.

Kathryn could only nod her head in agreement as she gasped and moaned while Tom expertly fingered her his single digit carefully stimulating every sensitive nerve of her womanhood. Finally she hit her climax andTom moaned with her as Kathryn felt her body go limp. The young woman was grateful to have his help in getting to the couch as she caught her breath.

Kat: Master that was incredible. I guess since I have only played with myself a few times I was a bit easy to make cum.

Tom: Don't worry about it. As long as it wasn't a major sacrifice for you.

Kat: Are you kidding? Please tell me that didn't work off all of my debt.

Tom: Well you did pick out some great movies. So I think you need to be my pet a bit longer. I suppose your mother won't notice you sneaking out at night some more.

Kat: Don't worry. Your kitten will be here whenever you wish to play Master.

kathryn smiled widely as she wrapped her arms around Tom and gave him a hug as he smiled and laughed with her.

Linds1957 59F

8/2/2006 9:47 am

i like that part that says.."finally she hit her climax" instead of saying .. after 10 climaxes she fell to the floor in a heap.."
from Linds

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