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10/4/2005 2:44 pm

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Random musings

well it seems lately that I have no clue what is going on around me. Ever have that feeling? Seems like just when I start to get back into the flow of things the rules change on me. Ever since my little trip to Albany things have been.....different. I mean besides the obvious change in my mindset due to it being a trip of pleasure and not business. It's like the Creator is trying to point me in a direction but I can't find the right path. At least school is going good. Nothing too difficult yet. Boring at times but school always was why should tech school be any different?

It seems my creativity has become more......sexual lately. I think it's because I am fully embracing this side of me. Not just hiding it behind locked doors. Partly this site to credit. Those who have been reading the other posts saw my multi-parter. Probably not going to do any more of those. Maybe two-parters. Or a series. Don't know. Course some of them won't be put up here. That is why I joined that erotica group on the site. There are a lot of good stories there. Maybe tomorrow I'll do another story. For tonight I need to do some e-fed rp's. Okay I'm out of stuff to write. Hope those who have read my blog enjoyed this entry.

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