Playing Pretend  

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8/29/2006 1:28 pm
Playing Pretend

Kathryn grinned as she slid her key in the door and unlocked it stepping inside. Shutting the door behind her Kathryn saw the time and getting nervous quickly went to the bedroom stripping her clothes off leaving the garments in a neat pile in one corner. For two months now once a week Kathryn "worked off" her swiped movies from her neighbor. Though truth tell she loved being so submissive and being treated like anything but the "resposible mature" woman everyone expected her to start being now that she was almost out of high school.

Kathryn: I am so excited. I thought Wednesday would never come.

Quickly opening a drawer the teenager grabs a leather collar and puts it on followed by a pair of fake cat ears and a tail tied in place with a length of silk. About the time she finished the disguise with a bit of face paint to simulate whiskers she heard the door open. Walking into the main room she smiled at the man standing there admiring her almost nude state.

Tom: How is my kitty?

Kat: Very good now that you are home master. I missed you.

Tom: I missed you too. Now behave and we will play.

Obdiently the young woman sank to her hands and knees as she did her best to purr while Tom stripped naked. Sitting on the floor beside her Tom ran his hands over her back and stomach "petting" his pet lovingly causing shudders to go down her spine.

Tom: So did you do good on your test?

Kat: Yes. Got a 92.

Tom: Good. And dinner?

Kat: Well.....I just got here master. I had to stay after school.

Tom: What ever for?

Kat: I kind of was late to school. My alarm clock didn't go off because of the power outage last night resetting it. I'm sorry master.

Tom: It's fine. I'll just have to discipline you a bit my pretty kitty.

With that Tom places one hand on her tail moving it out of the way as his other hand begins lightly spanking the girl.

Kat: Ah! Oh! Uhmm! Thank you...Master.

After a dozen spanks Tom stops and admires the tinge of red on her butt. Grinning Tom slides his hands around and begins rubbing Kathryn's moist pussy causing her to moan. Laying down Tom grins as Kathryn leans down and kisses him deeply as he fingers her some more. Finally he stops and smirks as the younger woman pouts.

Kat: But I'm still horny master. Please get me off.

Tom: Not this time my pet. You think about how sad I am that I can't sample your cooking as you yearn for climax.

Kathryn thinks about it as she stares at his body her own form tensing and begging for some sort of release.

Kat: Can I get you off then?

Tom: That will be okay.

Kathryn grins as she settles down near his lap. Admiring his thick cock she delicately licks it a few times before easing the tip into her mouth. Tom smiles as he feels his cock slipping further into her mouth. Moving up and down now Kathryn sucks harder truly excited as she fingers herself while pleasuring her master. Faster and faster she goes as both begin moaning until right as she cant' take any more of her own teasing a hot stream of cum floods her mouth. Lost in the dual pleasure Kathryn almost chokes but quickly swallows the juices before licking his shaft clean. Looking up at Tom who is panting and sweating Kathryn laughs and lays down beside him her head resting on his chest.

Kat: I'm thinking take-out.

Tom: Yeah. Chinese sounds good. Soon as I can stand I'll order. Such a good pet. Pity you will pay off those porn tapes soon.

Kat: I could always steal some more.

Both laugh at that as they enjoy the other's warmth.

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