Not an erotice post  

rm_RingOtaku 34M
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10/26/2005 2:04 pm

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5/17/2007 7:57 am

Not an erotice post

I know. Most of my viewers no doubt come for my steamy stories. And I have meant to do another one. But frankly I have been numb lately. I just feel like crap and so haven't really wanted to create anything.

I have no real reason why. Nothing really bad has happened to me lately. Just feel like I'm not really doing anything with my life. Ah screw it. Probably go away soon. It always does. Just needed to vent.

Sorry folks. Your regularly scheduled smut will return soon. Probably.

faery_killer 30F

11/1/2005 8:30 pm

I'll do you a favor and write up a story of our time together, handsome.

rm_RingOtaku 34M
241 posts
11/2/2005 7:19 am

heh heh. should have known you'd come to rescume me My Angel.

faery_killer 30F

11/2/2005 1:13 pm

Always, my dear....always.

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