Letting off stress  

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6/20/2006 9:53 pm
Letting off stress

Jessica smiled for the first time all day as she walked into the hotel's lobby. Well it used to be a hotel. Offically it still was. Regardless Jessica was soon greeted by a college-age woman who shook her hand and flashed a large smile.

Jessica: Hello Kimiko. I assume my room is ready.

Kimiko: Oh yes ma'am. Room 23. Just as you requested.

Jessica nodded and took the offered room key. Five minutes later she was walking into the room and flashing another big smile. With much joy she stepped out of the high heels and walked across the room. There sitting on the bed was a young man completly naked. Jessica leaned down and gave him a big kiss upon him standing up to greet her.

Jessica: Steven my pet you are as grand as always.

Steven: Thank you Jessica. The accomodations are ready.

Jessica grinned as Steven handed over a glass of wine which she sipped on as he carefully removed her skirt then the blouse.

Jessica: Such a long day. It feels good to get away from those clients and be treated like royalty.

Steven: You deserve it. You work so hard so much.

With that the bra and panties were removed followed by the stockings Steven's hands moving expertly over her body. Jessica supressed a giggle as he placed all her clothes in a neat pile swallowing the last of her wine instead. With that she laid on the bed holding the younger man at bay with one foot placed on his stomach.

Jessica: Who is your favorite customer?

Steven: You of course Miss Jessica.

Jessica: Good. You may proceed.

With that she moved her foot and Steven crawled onto the bed. Soon he was in perfect position between her legs and with practiced ease slipped two fingers in her waiting pussy. Jessica bit her lower lip as he teased her perfectly knowing just what to do to bring her to the edge.

Jessica: Ohhh ummmmm...Yesss. You've...been practicing.

Steven: All for you.

Jessica: Damn you are cute.

Her next words were cut off by a loud moan as the professional sex slave increased the speed of his fingering. As great as this was though both knew there was more to this visit. Sure enough Steven then leaned up and begin to lick her pussy as it dripped down on the sheets.

Jessica: YESSS! Oh Gawd! Mmmmmm

Steven grinned as he continued to eat her out savoring every moan and shiver of her body. Jessica grabbed the silk sheets and gripped them tight in her fists as she left herself getting closer now.

Jessica: Oh yes! Keep...it..u-up.

Steven did as he was told and soon Jessica screamed loudly her climax racking her whole body. Steven smiled as he dutifully lapped up every honeyed drop from her womanhood before letting himself be dragged up by her desperate hands. Steven moaned in pleasure as Jessica leaned over and deep-throated his cock sucking greedily on it.

Steven: Uhhmmmm. You are so good.

Jessica doesn't answer just sucks faster and harder. As her lips and tounge caress his member Steven quickly is pushed to the edge and cums inside her mouth. With a satisfied grin the blonde woman swallows every drop then sits up.

Jessica: Wow. I swear everytime you get better. How long have we been doing this?

Steven: Let me see. It's been nine months tomorrow. Once a week every week.

Jessica smiled and laid back down still breathing heavy and glad none of her co-workers could see her.

Jessica: This is so great. I couldnt' get through work without these sessions.

Steven: I am here to please you. It is what I am good at. But may I ask you? Why always oral?

Jessica: A quirk. From my teenage years. It may have been twenty years ago but still a hard habit to break.

Steven: I understand. Well we have ten more minutes. Shall I massage your feet.

Jessica: Please do.

With that Steven obeys and Jessica lets the feeling envelop her. Sure it may be illegal and immoral but everyone needs a good release every so often. Even lawyers.

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