Desire knows no bounds. Part 1  

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Desire knows no bounds. Part 1

Jason Rich was offically freaked out. Even though he was staring at the proof right in front of him Jason couldn't believe he was now a parent. Sitting on the couch he looked over at the 16 year old blonde sitting next to him her face clearly showing her nervousness.

It had all started five years ago. He had moved into an apartment complex and quickly made friends with one of the tenants. It was an older couple with a girl. In time he found out both had been kicked out by their familes for the fact she had gotten pregnant at 16 by a 19 year old. Luckily charges weren't filed. So the two had literally spent the past 12 years building a life. Sure enough they had asked Jason to take care of Linda should anything happen. 15 months later a car accident meant Jason was now the legal guardian of one Linda McMillan. Which brings us back to the present.

Jason: Linda look um....I'm not really sure how to handle all of this. I mean I know you are pretty much raised and I got the spare bedroom set up for you.

Linda: I know. Thank you. Um...How old are you anyway? I know you are younger than my parents were.

Jason: Um....27. I met your folks right after I got out of school. The firm recruited me from college.

Linda: I see. You aren't even old enough to be my father.

Jason: Yeah. So um how did it go today getting your room set up? Sorry I was called into work.

Linda: It's fine. Well my furniture is set up but most of my stuff is still boxed.

Jason: Okay. Well give me a day or two and maybe I'll come up with rules and such for you. Still not sure about this. You are so mature and we are so close in age it's like a room mate.

Linda: Yeah, I guess.

With that the evening passes and soon both go to sleep. Around 1 am Jason wakes up and clad in only a pair of boxers makes his way to the bathroom. After taking care of business he pauses in front of Linda's bedroom. He heard it. Muted sound like someone trying to be quiet. Jason thought to himself She must be crying. Then his ears heard it a bit more discntly. That was more of a moaning. Jason stood there as he listened at the not quite shut door. His body recognized the moaning before his mind would and his dick stiffened. Convinced he was wrong Jason decided to just peek in on her. She must be crying or something. The door moved open with no sound and in the dim light he saw it. Detail was impossible of course but she was naked and one hand was over her crotch as she quietly moaned into a pillow.

Jason: Wow.

He spoke louder than he meant to and suddenly Linda sat bolt upright in bed.

Linda: What the?......Oh my god!

Jason freaked and backed out of the room. In a moment Linda walked out in a t-shirt that was just long enough to cover herself.

Jason: I'm sorry. I woke up to use the bathroom and I heard you moaning and I thought you were crying and

Linda: I'm sorry. It's just I've been so worked up and worn out. I guess I just needed some kind of emotional release besides crying.

Jason: Yeah. I guess I understand that. Let's just go to bed and we can discuss it in the morning. It's Sunday so we will have plenty of time.

Linda: Okay. Jason?

Jason: Yeah.

Linda: I can't sleep. That was part of why I was playing with myself. Wear myself out. But I think that's out of the question now. Can I?

Jason: Yes?

Linda: Can I sleep in your bed? I don't want to be alone.

Jason: Linda I well. Fine. But only tonight.

Linda nodded her head and went to Jason's room. By the time he got here she was already in bed. Crawling into bed Jason started to relax when he tensed. Linda had snuggled up to him and he felt skin to skin warmth. He tried to say something but decided this wasn't worth it. Wrapping his arm around her Jason sighed as he waited for sleep to come his cock rock hard and untouched.

Jason: This can't be happening.

Linda: say something?

Jason: No go to bed.

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