Desire Knows No Bounds Part 2  

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Desire Knows No Bounds Part 2

As Jason stumbled out of his bedroom his mind began waking up. It had been two weeks since he became Linda's guardian. The two had quickly gelled together and things were going smoothly. She got herself up in the morning and off to school. They took turns cooking and cleaning. Sure she still ended up in his bed every night but all they did was sleep. Yes she was naked but by him waiting he never saw anything. So there was nothing morally wrong with things.

Jason walked into the kitchen in his boxers and a t-shirt. Standing there with a glass of OJ was Linda her tanktop and panties not covering enough to keep Jason's thoughts pure. Of course Linda didn't notice.

Linda: Good morning. You want anything?

Jason: Um.....Just some coffee. What do you have planned for the day?

Jason moves to make a cup of coffee as Linda finishes her juice.

Linda: Just hang around here. Julie is supposed to call sometime this afternoon. Might go see a movie tonight.

Jason: Okay. You get your paper done?

Linda: Almost.

Jason: Don't make me play parent.

Linda: One more paragraph.

Jason: Then it won't be hard to write before Julie and you go out tonight.

Linda: What about you? No hot date for the weekend?

Jason: I have a dinner meeting. But it is strictly business.

With that the two quiet down as the day begins. The afternoon passes without much interest and soon Jason leaves for his dinner. Two hours later he returns home and stops as soon as he opens the door. From the living room he heard the tv. But the sounds were not normal. Moaning and the creaking of bed springs. Smirking Jason decided after the hell of a night he had he would have some fun. Quietly he shut the door. Sliding his shoes, jacket and tie off Jason slipped into the living room and smirked. Better than he thought. He heard the third moan. The quietest one coming from the couch. Fortunately Linda was underneath a blanket so Jason was able to move after but a moment of watching from his safe position. Linda jumped as the DVD paused. Looking up she blushed as she turned to face the man staring at her with a stern face.

Linda: I'm so sorry just that I got bored and I found this movie and you weren't supposed to be home yet.

Jason: It sucked so I escaped. Said I wasnt' feeling well. What happened to Julie and the night out?

Linda: Her mom got upset that Julie's paper wasn't done.

Jason moved around the couch and sat down next to Linda hoping the bulge in his pants would go unnoticed as she tried to cover her own embrassament.

Jason: You know I am pretty sure we discussed this. We use locked doors.

Linda: I did lock the door.

Jason: Locked BEDROOM doors.

Linda: Well it's your movie. I was tempted.

Jason: And if I recall that movie was hidden. So you were going through my things.

Linda: I'm in trouble.

Jason: Yes you are. Things have been so good so far. I mean I was starting to see you more as a room mate. But clearly you are still a child.

Linda: I'm sorry.

Jason: Now I have to be a parent. I have to punish you.

Linda: I see. Okay let's get it over with.

Before Jason could speak Linda stood up and let the blanket slide off. Turning away she bent over and looked back at Jason.

Linda: So how many?

Jason: What?

Linda: Well whenever I got in trouble I got a spanking.

Jason: Well I wasn'

Linda stood up as Jason finally got to his feet. Staring at him with a confused look Linda sighed.

Linda: Well what are you going to do to me?

Jason: I don't know yet. I'm new at this. Can you put some clothes on?

Linda: You are weird. You have this vid full of "barely legals" yet you have a real naked teen in your house and you tell her to get dressed.

Jason goes slack jawed as he hears this. He had hoped to keep this from her at least until he had adjusted to her being around. Jason stared at her with a frustrated look.

Jason: You aren't just some naked teen. I mean legally you are my daughter now and besides there are laws and morals and

Linda: Yeah I know. Just hoped with me being into older guys and this little incident. I'll shut up now.

Linda walks off as Jason processes what she just said. Finally he walks into his bedroom. Screw the early time. It was a long day. He should have known she would be in there face buried in the pillows. Jason didnt' say a thing just walked into the bathroom and changed into his boxers. Finally he returned and sat down on the bed.

Jason: Look we both seem to be a bit at fault here. Both not saying some things we should have discussed when you first got here. I'll make a deal with you.

Linda: What?

Jason: Promise to not seduce me and stay out of my porn and you can keep sleeping in here.

Linda: Naked? Because you know I kinda fibbed about having always slept naked.

Jason laughed as he lay down. next to her.

Jason: It's okay. Yes you can keep sleeping naked.

Linda sat up and smiled. Kissing Jason on the lips she looked innocently at him.

Linda: Am I still in trouble?

Jason: Nah. It's partially my fault.

Linda: Can you sleep naked then?

Jason: Um.....well I suppose. If it will get you to behave.

Linda grinned as she bent over and removed Jason's boxers. He stood there in shock before laughing as she stared at his erection.

Jason: Never seen one before?

Linda: Well only photos. or movies.

Jason: I see.

Suddenly Linda reached out and started touching his cock. She giggled as he moaned from her light touch.

Linda: It's sensitive.

Jason: Linda...that is...please.

Linda kept rubbing it as Jason sighed in joy. He knew he should be doing something but damned if she wasn't a natural. Soon memories of her porn glances caught up and she begin a proper handjob. After another moment Jason grabbed her hand and moved it off.

Jason: Linda...That's enough....

Linda: I'm sorry. Sounded like you were having fun.

Jason: I was but that is a bit more than we probably need to do. I mean that's one step away from oral.

Linda: mean sucking it? Wow never thought of that.


Linda: So you want me to use my hand?

Jason: I...uh...well. Look I just.

Jason sighs as he looks at Linda. She just smiles at him as he sighs.

Jason: Not tonight. Let's seperate so we can "unwind" and see what things look like in the morning.

Linda looks at him a bit dissapointed but finally stands up and heads to her bedroom. Jason sighs as he watches her naked body scamper away.

Jason: I swear this is got to be a dream.

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