Desire Knows No Bound Part 3  

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Desire Knows No Bound Part 3

Jason sat down on the hotel bed with a nervous sigh. He was still unsure how he got here. His old friend Meg called to say she was in town. So they went to dinner. Chatted about old times. The crazy college days. How both of them had been too busy with different things to do anything but work. So now they were in her hotel room. Jason loosened his shirt collar as he looked around.

Jason: I wonder what Linda is doing......What am I doing? Mind on the woman here. The legal woman.

Meg walked out from the bathroom wearing a cotton bathrobe. She smiled at him as he stared at her.

Meg: You okay? You look distracted.

Jason: Just surprised. I mean it's been years and yet nothing seems to change.

Meg: So you still want me?

Jason smiled as he kissed her. Meg ran her hands down his chest as she settled on her knees. Jason watched her fingers slip the belt off and undo his pants. Soon his stiff dick was out and Meg begin licking and kissing the tip.

Jason: Oh....yes. I think you have gotten better.

Meg's response is to start sucking him as he takes his shirt off. Meg begins sucking his cock faster as she listens to him moan her tounge flicking the tip. Jason grabs her head and starts guiding her into a rhythm as he feels himself getting more and more drawn in. Looking down Jason sees a 16-year old blonde looking up at him with a big grin.

Linda: Told you I could satisfy you Jason.

Jason: What the Hell?

Jason jumps up in shock as he stares at the woman on the floor. Blinking he feels embarrassed as he sees a brunette in her early 30's.

Meg: I'm sorry baby. Thought you would like that new trick.

Jason: No you were excellent. I just think the wine is playing tricks on me. I'm okay. You are too Meg.

Meg stands up and looks at him with a confused look for a second. Shrugging her shoulders she removes the bathrobe and watches as his eyes scan her body.

Meg: Then come enjoy me.

Jason crosses the distance between them and smiling begins to run his hands over her feeling the smooth skin of her breasts and ass as she moans. Smiling he kisses her hardening nippples as they get back on the bed.

Meg: You always had great hands. I bet you have women desperate to get into your bed.

Jason: Maybe if they knew what you know.

Meg smiles and kisses Jason passionately as he moves on top of her.

Meg: Well then that is their fault. Still any woman who knows must go crazy with desire.

Jason stops his caress as he looks at her and thinks about the words.

Jason: Yeah. Right.

Meg: Oh no. There is another woman.

Meg sits up and looks at him with a sigh.

Jason: No. I mean kinda. Look I do want you. Just that she is

Meg: Look Jason. We've known each other for like a decade. We gave up a real relationship a long time ago. But if you are so distracted then let's not fake this. You want her go be with her.

Jason: Meg I can't. It's complicated.

Meg: Well we are simple and you can't handle that so let's just end it here before things get akward.

Jason looks at her for a moment then gets dressed. He looks at her as she puts her bathrobe back on.

Jason: I'm sorry.

Meg: Don't be. Just go be happy.

An hour later Jason walks into the house. All the lights are out so he can't really see. Walking into the bedroom Jason strips and crawls into bed. Soon he feels the warm body of Linda wrap around him.

Linda: How did the date go?

Jason: Fine. How was our evening?

Linda: Okay, I guess. You guys do it?

Jason: No.

Linda: I'm sorry.

Linda reaches her hand down off his chest and smiles a bit as she feels the hardness of his dick. she strokes it for a bit as Jason moans.

Jason: Linda we talked about this.

Linda: But you are so hard already. I just wanted to help.

Jason: You helped enought tonight.

Linda stops as she looks at him although not seeing anything due to the dark.

Linda: What did I do?

Jason: Nothing. I just

Linda: What?

Jason: Just go to sleep.

Linda: That isn't fair.

Linda begins to stroke his cock again causing Jason to lose his train of thought. He keeps thinking back to earlier in the night. The brief hallucination of Linda sucking his dick. Jason moans as Linda lets her instincts guide her.

Jason: Linda stop....

Linda: But I know you are enjoying this. and I am too.

Jason: Linda I am going to cum.

Linda: Really? Wow.

Jason sighs as he feels his body respond to her loving touch. Turning the bedside light on he tosses the covers back as he feels the rush of excitment.

Jason: YOu think so huh? All right young lady.

With that Jason turns over on top of Linda and takes over for her. A moment later he groans as he cums all over her breasts and stomach. He looks down at her as she looks at the mess in quiet surprise.

Jason: Happy now?

Linda: I...I am. Are you?

Jason looks down at her and the nervous smile on her face. He smiles as he helps her out of bed.

Jason: Yeah. Damn it I am. Go get cleaned up.

Linda: Yeah. Can we do that again?

Jason: Only if you are good.

Linda smiles as Jason climbs back in bed realizing he is screwed.

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