Combat and passion Part 2  

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Combat and passion Part 2

Jet sighed as he stood in his gi and watched the younger woman approach clad in a similar gi. He knew he had to keep his desires down and concentrate on the teaching. This girl wanted help as a martial artist. Business relationship. Rachel walked up and bowed to the older not to mention higher ranked man.

Rachel: I am so glad you are taking the time to help me Master Jet.

Jet: Just Jet. I don’t teach enough to have earned that title. Now let’s begin so I can get a better handle on you….r problem.

Rachel: Right.

The two square off and begin sparring. After a few minutes of Rachel doing nothing but block Jet signals for a stop and looks at her.

Jet: You need to attack at some point. I was open multiple times and you never struck.

Rachel: But I don’t want to hurt people.

Jet: You won’t hurt me. Besides if the time comes and you need to hurt someone to defend yourself that attitude will cost you.

Rachel: I know but I keep thinking about how much I would hate to get hit.

Jet: Well this time if you don’t try to hit me I’ll cheap shot you as punishment. Understood?

Rachel: Yes Jet.

The two square off again and this time Rachel tries a few attacks and even manages to land a punch to the chest. Finally they stop as the sweat begins to drip from both of them.

Jet: Okay. That’s enough for today. You made some progress. I think with some more practice you will overcome this mental block.

Rachel: Right. Thank you sir.

Jet: My pleasure.

Rachel smiles before running off to change into her regular clothes. Jet sits there for a moment thinking of that smile. Silently cursing himself for it he tries to think of something else. Anything else. Finally his mind shifts away. Removing his top Jet digs into his bag to grab a shirt when he hears someone behind him.

Rachel: Wow. That’s some scar.

Jet: Huh? Yeah had an incident a few years ago.

Rachel reaches up and runs her fingers over it causing Jet to tense fearful of making too much of her curiosity. After a moment he turns around and sees she is looking at him with an almost sad look.

Jet: What is it?

Rachel: I’m sorry. Thank you for helping me but I don’t think you should tutor me anymore.

Jet: What?

Rachel: It’s just……..I’m sorry I know this sounds silly but when I saw you watching the class the other day and then when you were watching me I thought. I mean I didn’t know you were a friend of Master Daniel and you were evaluating my technique. I thought you were looking at me and….

Jet: It made you feel good?

Rachel: Yeah. I mean you are so handsome so when I heard about today naturally I jumped at the chance but I can’t be like that. I’m not some silly high school girl anymore.

Jet chuckles as he looks at Rachel who seems to be bouncing between upset and nervous at his reaction.

Jet: Rachel listen. I wasn’t just studying your technique yesterday. It seems we are both guilty of the same thing here so let’s just relax and figure this out at leisure.

Rachel: I’d like that. But I have to get home………Maybe after class tomorrow?

Jet: I’d like that.

Rachel nods her head and goes to give him a kiss. Which led to Jet kissing her. Soon the two were locked together by the lips as their mutual desire rose. They ended up on some training mats as the two parted lips long enough for Rachel to remove her shirt. Taking a moment to enjoy the view of her body Jet ran his hands over her breasts feeling the material of her green bra slide underneath his fingers as she quietly moaned. Stopping suddenly Jet got up and shook his head while Rachel looked up at him confused.

Jet: No. We can’t do this. Dinner first. Let’s be rational adults about this.

Rachel: But. I…….are you sure?

Jet: Yes. I feel it is my duty to treat you like a lady first.

Rachel: So hot passionate sex second?

Jet: Yeah. I’m sorry. We should get going.

Rachel: Yeah, you’re right. It will be that much better if we wait.

Rachel stands up and puts her shirt back on as Jet gets his own shirt. Looking over at him she runs over to Jet and kisses him for a moment that seems to last forever.

Rachel: Sorry. Had to get that one out of my system.

Jet: Understood.

Jet gives her his own goodbye kiss before the two walk out and leave in their own cars both thinking the same thing: Tomorrow night can’t come soon enough.

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