Combat and Passion Part 4  

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11/21/2005 5:35 pm

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Combat and Passion Part 4

Jet sighed as he wiped the sweat from his brow. He and Rachel had been sparring for an hour as his apartment living room became a fighting ground. Neither had truly won but both looked about ready to drop. Both were dressed in their gi's and as Jet stared at the girl he suddenly felt the urge to be elsewhere.

Jet: Okay. I'm going to take a shower now.

Rachel: Sounds like fun. Let's go.

Jet: Please. We never meet without getting consumed by lust.

Rachel: You seem to have fun.

Jet: Right. Doesn't mean we shouldn't at least try.

Rachel: Try next time. I need a shower anyway.

Jet sighs as he walks to the bathroom. He turns the water on and as it heats up strips. By the time he is done Rachel has joined him and is down to a some pink panties. She smiles at him as he stares at her. She slidies the panties off before the two hop in the shower. For a moment they both let the hot water pour over their warm bodies. Eventually they begin to wash up their hands sliding over each other's bodies as they explore despite knowing the other very well.

Rachel: Okay. So I'm naughty. Deal with it.

Jet smiles as the redhead begins to stroke his hard cock. Rachel lets the water slip around her fingers before sinking to her knees. She slowly slips his dick in her mouth. Jet smiles down at her as she sucks. The steam builds as she slurps away getting hornier from listening to the moans of the older man. Finally Jet groans loudly as Rachel pulls her mouth off of it. With a couple more strokes from his hand Jet cums all over her. Both grin as the water cleans her off almost immediately. Standing up both finish the shower and towel off.

Jet: Happy now?

Rachel: Yeah. Although I feel bad for using you like a piece of meat.

Jet: Really? Well I can fix that.

Jet grabs Rachel and leans her against the sink. She moans as he slides into her from behind. Soon he is fucking her hard and fast as both feel the desire build in them. In no time at all Rachel feels her body tense as her climax nears.

Rachel: Oh God!

Rachel shudders before smiling as she feels the blast of cum from Jet fill her pussy. He lost it when she did. The two say nothing as they get dressed Rachel slipping into a pair of tight jeans and a pink t-shirt. She hugs Jet who is weairng just a pair of plaid boxers.

Rachel: Thanks for the workout. As always very invigorating.

Jet: Agreed. You are amazing as always.

Rachel smiled as she let herself out. They would have another day no matter how much both knew it would end one day.

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