Combat and Passion Part 3  

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9/26/2005 5:22 pm

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Combat and Passion Part 3

Sure enough the next night Jet and Rachel went out on a date. Nothing too extraordinary just dinner at a nice restaurant. Of course as the dinner went on and the two learned more about each other the desire between them grew. And so the couple ended up back at Jet’s apartment. Even before he got the door unlocked Rachel was kissing him. By the time both were inside and the door closed behind them the gentle nervous kissing had escalated into long passionate kisses. Clothes were shed as Jet led her into his bedroom. It didn’t matter to him that she was eleven years younger than him. His mind no longer tried to figure out what is was about her that got him so excited. He was lost in a fog of sexual need and he could feel from her touch that Rachel felt the same need. Slipping out of her pink panties Rachel sat down on the bed and let Jet admire her naked form for a moment. Then with a smile she leaned forward and slid his erect penis in her mouth.

Jet: Oh…god…yes..

Rachel kept sucking slowly sliding farther down his shaft each time finally managing to get the whole thing in. Thrilled with herself at managing this Rachel increased the rhythm. Finally she stopped and looked up at him.

Rachel: I can’t stand it anymore. Give it to me.

Jet smiled as he crawled onto the bed with her. Kissing her on the lips he carefully entered her waiting pussy. Rachel moaned slightly as he began sliding in and out of her. Jet was careful to go slow as her tight pussy was making it hard for him not to lose it too soon. Rachel reached her hands up and ran them through his hair. Slowly down his neck and his shoulders. Smiling up at him Rachel slid her nails down his back causing Jet to groan in pleasure as he responded to her teasing by increasing the speed of his thrusts. Moments later he pulled out and Rachel took over sliding her hand up and down his wet cock until he came all over her breasts. Falling onto the bed Jet kissed her as he fingered her pussy. Rachel moaned loudly as he moved his head down there and began licking her pussy. That did it and she screamed loudly as she climaxed. Both satisfied they fell asleep. The next morning they went at it again this time Rachel mounting him however the results were much the same and a while later both were getting dressed.

Jet: That was incredible. But you realize we can’t keep doing this. I mean a relationship built on sex can’t last. Even if it’s really good sex.

Rachel: I know. I guess all we can do is try to find someone more suited for a long-term relationship.

Jet: Exactly.

Rachel: And until then I think the occasional “private sparring” might be just the thing to keep us both happy.

Jet: A perfect idea.

With that said Jet kissed her as they finish getting ready for the day.

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Nice... very nice.

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