Combat and Passion Part 1  

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Combat and Passion Part 1

Jet Richardson was normally not one prone to lustful thoughts. So when he caught himself thinking impure thoughts as he watched the red-haired woman he began to get a bit worried.

Jet: Calm down.

It had all started yesterday when his friend Daniel Garinson had asked him to watch a Tae Kwon Do class Daniel taught twice a week. Jet was a third-degree black belt but hadn't practiced anywhere but at home for years however since he and Daniel met when both started as children Jet's opinion on the students would be important. Serious and sometimes brutally honest Jet would hold nothing back even if it was "They all suck".

So Jet stood in the corner in his jeans and t-shirt and watched. Almost immediately the female had caught his gaze. First it was for the crispness of her moves each one done with obvious mental focus and intensity. But then he noticed how her pale skin and short red hair made a beautiful combination. His gaze lingered down her body and noticed all the curves even if a gi was a bit loose and not suited for such analysis. Finally unable to control himself he quietly walked outside. A few minutes later Daniel joined him.

Daniel: They that bad?

Jet: No.....Shouldn't you be in there right now?

Daniel: They are just going through the cool-down exercises. They know them by heart. What's up?

Jet: I just needed a breath of fresh air.

Daniel: See any that stood out?

Jet: Um....Yeah. The female blue belt. Very crisp movement. Flowed through the katas.

Daniel: Yeah, I agree she is the best. Even though we have a few that outrank and out-experience her. I got to go in and close out class.

He did just that and a few minutes later the students all left. Watching the girl leave Jet tried very hard not to notice her body. It was improper. His mental war was ended by Daniel's entrance.

Daniel: Hey I need to ask you a favor.

Jet: What?

Daniel: The girl. Her name's Rachel. She seems to be a bit hesitant in sparring. It's going to hurt her at next testing. I was wondering if you could help her out. You were always good at the mental aspect.

Jet: I don't know. I don't really spar much anymore.

Daniel: Come on. I don't have time with the baby at home for extra lessons. Besides what's the worst that could happen? I trust you not to hurt her.

Jet: She's a bit young. She even eighteen?

Daniel: What? Um.......Nineteen. What's the point?

Jet: We are getting to be old men. I'm thirty years old.

Daniel: Look man I don't get it. If you don't have time just say so.

Jet: I have time.

Daniel: So what's the problem?

Jet: No problem. Just as I said been a while.

Daniel: Don't be nervous. I am sure she will be fine in your hands.

Jet just nodded as he wondered what he was getting into. Oh well not like he was the kind of guy to lose control. Besides it's not like she would want some old man.

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