A true life tale (The names changed to protect the shy/paranoid)  

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A true life tale (The names changed to protect the shy/paranoid)

He'd come up to New York to visit me...and I met him at Albany International, only to hug him tightly and almost cry. A guy I'd known for almost a year had flown a couple thousand miles just to see me. Ringotaku! He's a doll, ladies, really he is! We spent most of the day together, almost immediately going over to the room he'd reserved to sleep for a few hours and then be on our way. My memory is a bit rusty, but I'll try to relay this story of taking a man's virginity to the best of my ability (with Ring's help, of course.) I am Faery_Killer...and here is our tale...

Granted, Ring came to New York to meet me and spend time with me, the relieving of his virginity was just a bonus (albeit a great bonus). After a trip to a few places around Albany, we got food and ate...and were merry. Night time came...and then the fun began.

We returned to the room I had rented. We both knew what was going to happen that night. It was spoken of before I left and you could feel it in the air. We had made a connection. I decided to take a shower to freshen myself up for her as the trip had kept me from doing this earlier in the day. Distractions. So I stepped into the small shower and cleansed myself. The whole time asking myself if it was a dream. Faery, a truly great woman wanted me. The memories of rejection and failed attempts at romance were washed away as I showered wondering what was going through her mind. Finally I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off using the bathrobe to cover myself for a few minutes. I was nervous but how couldn't I be? So many months of talking with this woman and the idea of being less than she imagined nagged at the back of my brain

Since there were two bathrobes in the room, I had undressed while Ring was in the shower. Having showered earlier in the day had its advantages...so patiently, I waited for him on the bed, watching television and basically spacing out...until that bathroom door opened and he looked at me. I knew he was going to be extremely nervous...and we hadn't talked extensively about his sexual experiences, but he knew about mine. I am, as most people would describe me, a 35 year old woman, stuck in a 19 year old's body. As I lay on the bed, I wondered about how best to "break him in". Ring would be my fifth virgin...

I looked at her as i walked across the room. I grabbed my comb and went to comb my hair. She volunteered to help. In the end we both got my hair combed back into a semblance of order. Showers tend to do that. Soon we both ended up on the bed. Faery tried her best to calm me but part of me was going to be nervous until it was over. She giggled as I took my robe off. She untied hers and crawled on top of me as I lay on the bed.

I haven't a clue as to what I said to him...but I'm sure Ring does. But I sat astride this virgin and commented on his excessive body hair, just to break the nervous tension. In all actuality, he's very ticklish...and soft and fuzzy...like a teddy bear. He was hard....very hard. I could feel his erection pressing into the crack of my ass...the heat rising off of it was incredible. I was a little nervous myself, I didn't want to hurt him, or scare him off. So I did what I do best, I slid back, still on all fours and put my lips around that beautiful cock.

The second her lips touched my cock the nervousness started fading. I was loving it and could only think about how great she was. Soon it was over though as she realized I was feeling good. So with a smile Faery slid up and eased her lovely pussy over my cock. The feeling was great and soon she began to ride me as I thought one thing. How can I make her feel as good as me? I may be self-centered when I'm angry but otherwise I am a giving man. So I did the best thing I could think of. I let my hands start exploring her sexy body

I know it is something he will remember for the rest of his life...his first sexual experience was bareback in a tight, wet pussy. I moved my hips, back and forth for a few minutes, slowly. Just to get him used to the feel of me. I can't speak for Ring, but I knew that I was going to come very soon...and I felt something strange. Very strange to me, anyway. His hands all over me...his mouth suckling and softly biting my breasts. I'm not used to being so adored when I'm on top...normally, my boyfriend just plays with some areas...but never with this kind of enthusiasm. That's what cemented this as a fucking awesome experience...Ring's utter enthusiasm to please me.

I felt her respond to my touch and kisses. This of course made me sure I was doing this right. So I kept it up happy to hear her moans. My hands grabbed her ass as I tried my best to help increase the feeling she was getting. I was feeling great. Soon I heard her moan loudly and knew she had come. The feeling as I stayed inside her was beyond words.

I had told him in the beginning, not to try to be in control during the foreplay...that was my domain, but he could have his way with me during. My first orgasm was incredible...absolutely incredible. It lasted for about a minute, and didn't quit. I was beyond words at that point, I think...well, at least beyond well formed sentences. I couldn't believe I had come all over his cock...

I did what I could as we kept going my own erection still going strong. Soon she got off me and we tried a couple different positions. I slid into her from behind for a few minutes but we settled on the traditional missionary. Taking her advice with gusto I let my instincts take over as most of my mind was overwhelmed by desire.

All the while, I kept my bathrobe on, just hanging off of my shoulders...he would tell me later on that it was sexy and erotic. And everytime he calls me his Angel, I blush. But as he fucked me...I kept my mind on him and what I could do to make him happy. Then, I wanted to bring a bit of the kinkier side to him. I ran my nails down his back and immediately felt his cock thrust into me hard. He didn't expect that...and all I could do was grin.

As her nails ran into me I felt a rush. The mix of minor pain and adrelaine got me going and I let her know as I not only kept fucking her but kept my mouth busy kissing her neck. I felt her getting excited again. Could I really make her come a second time?

Yes...yes he could. His hips were angled just right to his my clit again and again...so it only took me a matter of moments before I was spasming again around his cock.

As I felt her come again I kept going to make sure she got all the way. Finally I pulled out and looked at her. One thing I wanted to do. With a smile I kissed her and started moving down. I was going to go down on her.

Oh dear god....my stomach did flip flops and I kind of panicked. It wasn't that I smelled bad, or didn't taste good...(I have a few friends that say pussy is an acquired taste). I knew that newbies didn't always know what to expect when eating pussy, regardless of how many pornos they've watched. So, I stayed still, but relaxed...and let him try the new experience. Boy...did he have an undiscovered talent.

Most of the night I had been basically going at a careful pace. gauging her reaction as I did different things to her. So as I kissed and licked Faery's pussy I tried that but it seemed I was only doing good. This made me feel great as I knew she was going to remember this night as much as me. So I kept it up my nervousness gone as I finally grew confidant about what I was doing. Soon my tounge started to slip inside her. It wasn't quite the experience I thought it would be. It was in some ways better.

I was astounded...he was definitely a great pussy eater. I almost came right in his mouth, but it's hard for me to come during oral. The only thought running through my mind was one of pleasure.

finally I stopped as I simply was worn out. Smiling at Faery I looked at her knowing we had both exprienced great pleasure that night.

And I guess we can end this story where it is...we chatted for a little, and then fell asleep, holding each other...not having a care in the world.

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12/8/2005 9:14 am

That was sooooo fucking fun....lol. We should write one about the second time!

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