A fantasy ten years in the making  

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A fantasy ten years in the making

Jake smiled to himself as he stood on his back porch. It had been over a year since he had been home last. After all college tended to keep a young man busy. But now he was back in the house where he was raised. And unlike last time the next-door neighbor was home. Mrs. Braddock was the "hot momma" of the suburbs when Jake and many other boys were growing up. Which of course meant her two children had a unique form of popularity. Every boy and a few girls wanted to hang out at their house. As Jake glanced over the low fence seperating their yards he saw the aforementioned woman in her garden tending to weeds in a cute light blue summer dress that was just low-cute enough to show off her ample cleavage.

Jake: Wow. She's even hotter than before. Talk about well-aged.

Suddenly Mrs. Braddock looked up and caught Jake's eye. He tried to turn away but heard her beautiful voice ring out.

Mrs. B: Oh Jake. It is you. Hello.

Jake smiled nervously and wandered over to the fence where they could talk without shouting trying not to stare at her body as he walked over.

Jake: Hello Mrs. Braddock. How are you doing?

Mrs. B: Please. Call me Lindsey. After all we are both adults now.

Jake: Um...okay. Lindsey.

Lindsey: Very good. As for me I'm doing okay. It's a bit lonely with Cindy and Robbie off at school. But I keep busy. Say are you occupied today?

Jake: No. I was just going to hang around the house today. Something wrong?

Lindsey: No. Why don't you stop by my house in about an hour. I'd love to catch up with you. It's been years you are so busy with college after all.

Jake swallowed hard then quickly recovered his composure.

Jake: Yes Ma'am.

With that Jake goes back inside and spends the next hour trying to calm down. His mind racing with possibilites and then convincing himself he was wrong. She just wants to chat. I mean so what if her husband had been dead five years now. And she said she was lonely. Finally time was up and Jake carefully went to her front door and knocked. A moment later Lindsey answered the door and led him inside with a big grin. Not a word was said until they were in the living room and sitting on the large couch.

Lindsey: How are you doing Jake?

Jake: Fine. Working hard in school. But I figured it's spring break so might as well break from it you know.

Lindsey: Of course. But why not go to some beach or something with your girlfriend. Like so many other young men.

Jake laughed nervously as he noticed her sitting right next to him so close he could feel the warmth of her body.

Jake: No girlfriend Mrs....I mean Lindsey. How about you?

Lindsey: I'm okay. I guess. It's so hard. I mean I think I'm ready to start dating again. But I'm so nervous. I was married twenty years.

Jake: Well I don't think dating has changed that much. It's kind of a timeless concept.

Lindsey giggled and leaned back studying Jake's face carefully before speaking her voice quiet and nervous.

Lindsey: You always fancied me. Not just physically like the other young boys.

Jake: I um....yeah I had a pretty big crush on you growing up. You were always so sweet and pretty. Smart and confident.

Lindsey: Good. So you will tell me honestly.

Jake: Tell you what?

Lindsey: If I still have it. Or if I'm past my prime.

Before Jake could say a thing Lindsey stood up and slid her dress off. Jake watched as it fell on the ground then was kicked into a far corner. His eyes followed up a pair of toned legs to see a pair of lacy black panties hugging a slim waist. Upwards her curves continued including a pair of perfectly sized breasts covered in a matching bra and a slender neck. Lindsey smiled nervously as Jake began sweating a bit.

Jake: You are more beautiful than I ever imagined.

Lindsey: Sexy as the women you play with at school?

Jake: Sexier. By far.

Lindsey smiled wide feeling good in a way she hadn't since before her husband died. Slowly sinking to her knees in front of Jake she reached up and unzipped his pants pulling them and his boxers down to the floor in one pull. She smiled as he looked on in astonishment. With a wink Lindsey leaned forward and kissed the tip of his stiff member. Slowly she ran her lips down the shaft then licked back up it. Jake shivered in delight then gasped as his cock was slipped into her mouth. Lindsey slowly sucked on it teasing the younger man as she let her hot breath tickle him as her lips slid up and down. Overcoming his inital shock Jake begin to run his hands through her hair coaxing the older woman on. Finally he eases her off his highly erect member.

Jake: I want you so bad. Take them off.

Lindsey: Of course. I was hoping you'd take me.

Lindsey stood up and quickly shed her bra and panties hiding her nervousness with her mounting desire. Jake did the same and both stood up enjoying the sight of the other's naked body. After a moment that seemed to last forever Jake bent over and began sucking on her left breast his hungry mouth exciting her and making the nipple highly erect.

Lindsey: Ohhhh Gawwwd!

Jake smiled and gave her right breast the same treatment carefully teasing it and driving her crazy. Unable to wait any longer Jake eased Lindsey down onto the couch. Spreading her legs wide he eased the tip of his cock into her wet pussy. Lindsey bit her lip and tried to hold back but as he eased farther in she got more excited. As he pushed the last inch of his erection inside her pussy Lindsey let go and a loud moan escaped her lips. Soon both were moaning loudly as Jake thrust in and out of her. Faster and Harder he rode her as both their bodies became lost in the ancient dance. Finally after what seemed an eternity locked in each other's embrace Jake felt his cock throb inside her. Lindsey seemend to sense it and leaning up kissed Jake passionately as he climaxed. As the warmth of his juices filled her Lindsey felt an orgasm rock her body and soon both were laying on the couch panting and sweating as the high slowly crept away.

Lindsey: That was incredible. How much experience do you have?

Jake: Just the one girl. But we go at it a lot. Or we did until she transfered away last quarter.

Lindsey: She must miss that. Will you be busy tomorrow?

Jake: I think I can convince my mom that you need some help around here.

Lindsey laughed as she thought of the fibs both would tell Jake's parents over the next few days. Still it would be fun in a way that the woman thought was years behind her.

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